Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hard Starboard Radio: The Hurrieder I Go, The Behinder I Get

Say hello to the latest "green energy" scam: zero-point energy extraction; Bowe Bergdahl won't just escape the hangman, but perhaps his otherwise future jailer as well; Another day, another EPA toxic mine spill; Barack Obama nails Donald Trump; ISIS prime suspects in Turkey bombing, or President Erdogan's accomplices?; Dick Cheney for House Speaker? Why not?; Obama NASA chief: U.S. "must" include ChiComms in space program; Jerry Brown enshrines "gun-free zones," "fundamentally transforms" crisis pregnancy centers into abortion shills in California; and Obama on Putin in Syria: "What's he doing about climate change?"vs. Putin on Obama in Syria: "He's got mush for brains".

Let's see how far we get at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific.

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