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Monday, October 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Poll Numbers Still Plunging

by JASmius

Tell me again how she "won" that debate?:

A new CNN/ORC poll shows that Hillary Clinton's strong debate performance last week hasn't boosted her standing in the race for the party's nomination.

Moreover, when matched against Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, she doesn't fare too well.

[Mrs.] Clinton, Sanders and Biden all top Donald Trump, but Biden is the only one who holds a significant lead over Ben Carson, a more recent addition to the top of the Republican field.

According to the CNN/ORC poll:

[Mrs.] Clinton stands at 45% in the race for the Democrat nomination, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders stands at 29%, and Vice President Joe Biden, who has yet to announce a White House run, follows at 18%.

As soon as Biden got into the race - which he supposedly will announce, one way or the other, on Wednesday - his numbers would go way up, which is, of course, why Her Nib is doing everything in her power to dissuade him from taking the plunge.  Also remember that whatever national polling may indicate, Hillary is trailing Sanders in both Iowa and New Hampshire - as he has been for a while now - and that is a better indicator of where the dynamics of the Democrat "race" stand and are trending.

And that's the nature of modern televised campaign debates.  Candidates - particularly "frontrunners" - cannot "win" them in the only way that matters, they can only lose them by doing or saying something stupid, or by providing their opponent with an opening to crack, "Well, there you go again" that becomes an instant classic that every voters will remember.  It would be most accurate to say that Hillary Clinton didn't lose last Thursday's contest because she didn't say anything self-damaging and didn't provide any openings for her "rivals," who wouldn't have exploited any such opportunities in any case.

But the continued downward direction of her polling numbers and acute vulnerability to a Joe Biden entrance are prima facie evidence that she didn't win anything except more time for her candidacy to spiral down the drain.

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