Saturday, October 31, 2015

ISIS Threatens Obama

by JASmius

....though not for the first time, but definitely by the same vicarious means:

A horrifying new fifteen-minute video appears to show Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists beheading four captured Kurdish Peshmerga fighters — and delivering a bold warning to Barack Obama.

The video claims to be the ISIS response to a Delta Force-Kurdish raid in northern Iraq last week that cost American Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler his life.

Two fewer "boots on the ground" that weren't supposed to exist, I guess.

"Obama, you have learned a new lesson," a masked terrorist warns Obama in what sounds like an American accent. “Six of the soldiers of the caliphate faced 400 of your children; they killed and injured them by Allah’s grace.”

Silly jihadist; Barack Obama never learns ANY lessons, because he already knows everything, as befits a "god".  You'd think an ISIS-American would know that.

The warning was delivered before the man executes one of the prisoners, reports CNN, and the other three prisoners are also beheaded by the video's end. Arabic text also appears onscreen, translating as "Peshmerga soldiers that Americans came to rescue."

For ISIS, this is kind of lame, actually.  It would have had greater impact if they'd sawed off the heads, complete with every last scream and gurgle, of captured Delta Force special-ops troops.  I guess they couldn't bag any.

But doesn't appear to have anything to fear from the Kurds, who don't appear to understand the nature of their enemy and the war they're waging against them:

As of Saturday morning, there had not been an official response issued from the White House on the video or the threat.

Naturally.  O still has Foggy Bottom trying to arrange a summit meeting with Caliph al-Baghdadi in Mosul where he can make his next "landmark diplomatic achievement".

But in Kurdistan, regional government spokesman Dindar Zebari told CNN that "ISIS respects no form of human rights. Our message to them is that we will finish them."

Not if you keep one (or more) hands tied behind your backs, you won't:

But Kurdistan will not kill ISIS prisoners in response, Zebari said.

"We hold 215 ISIS prisoners and we treat them according to international human rights laws," he said. "We have also freed eighty-five prisoners who had been suspected of association with ISIS. We do not kill our prisoners."

There's no question that the top priority should be to crush the Islamic State on the battlefield.  But this war is being fought on other battlefields as well, and televised propaganda brutality is one of them on which ISIS remains completely unengaged.

That being said, I'm not suggesting that captured ISIS jihadists - or "soldiers of the Caliphate," if you prefer - be slowly beheaded on camera, complete with every scream and gurgle.  Surely the Kurds could be more creative about it; covering their naked bodies in bacon and frying them to death, say, or burying them in Bibles until they're crushed, or stapling yarmulkes to their heads and firing them out of cannons aimed at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  A mode of execution so humiliating that there would be no question that ISIS's status as the "strong horse" of the Middle East was being squarely and in-your-facedly challenged.

And if you're thinking that that would just provoke the enemy to even more bloodthirstiness, don't sweat it, as that trait was maxed out a long time ago.

Regardless, it's not anything that concerns the Obama Regime.  Not even the Islamic State's North American nuclear offensive begins....

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