Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Israel's Solution To Rising Gun Violence? Guns....LOTS Of Guns

by JASmius

Whenever there's an active shooter incident in this country, Democrats tear their quads trying to get to the nearest media camera/microphone to shriek that the way to prevent active shooter incidents (whose pepretrators are, by definition, criminals acting outside the law) is to confiscate all guns of law-abiding citizens - thus either leaving them defenseless or forcing them to become "criminals" by defying such a blatantly unconstitutional, illegal, and tyrannical government crackdown.

Israel is now undergoing its third Palestinian Intifada in the past fifteen years - not "an" active shooter incident (singular) but multiple, ongoing attacks of Pals against Jews of all sorts, with all matter of weapons, including guns, that has the Jewish population in a panic, so much so that the IDF has had to deploy troops to seal off Arab/Muslim neighborhoods in a veritable act of martial law.

An alternative Israeli solution to this problem is, to shall we say, not turn the Jewish State into an official "gun-free zone":

Following the wave of terror attacks across the country, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has directed that obtaining permits to carry firearms be made easier. “In light of the security situation I’ve decided to make it easier to obtain a permit for owning a weapon,” he said Wednesday.

“In recent weeks many civilians have assisted the police in stopping terrorists who were carrying out attacks. Civilians who are skilled at using firearms are a multiplier force in our struggle against terrorists, so I’ve taken steps to make obtaining guns easier for now.”

Under the new guidelines, officers with the rank of first lieutenant or higher and NCOs with the rank of master sergeant or higher who are serving in the army as conscripted or reserve soldiers will be entitled to obtain weapons, as will former or current members of special units serving in regular or reserve units. The guidelines also apply to civilians who have taken courses as security guards at the Israel Airports Authority, the Shin Bet security service or any institution approved by Israel Police.

You can't, by definition, keep guns out of the hands of criminals - or, in Israel's case, the hands of the jihadists in their very midst.  So what makes more sense?  Doing everything humanly possible to ensure that their intended victims are completely and utterly defenseless, or enable them to gain the means and ability to defend themselves?  Make every target "soft" or "hard"?

As usual, the Jews, who don't have the luxury of indulging in idiotic fantasy, are doing what needs to be done.

And we can only sit over here and pine for such hard-headedly commonsensical leadership.

Speaking of fantasy....

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