Thursday, October 01, 2015

NFL Week 4 Kickoff

by JASmius

Lotta on the one hand/on the other hand aspects to tonight's matchup.  On the one hand, the Ravens are off to their worst start ever, and clearly haven't displayed what is commonly referred to as a "sense of urgency" - you'd have thought they could have taken the Bengals at home last week, but gave up that late touchdown to fall to 0-3.  On the other hand, Pittsburgh is without quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for at least a month with that left knee sprain, and that introduces a great deal of extra uncertainty, which helps explain why Vegas has Baltimore slightly favored.

But then we remember that this is football, and a rivalry game.  And every fan knows that in rivalry games, all the rational, quantifiable criteria get tossed out the window.  So while logic points to the Ravens, I'm going to be stubborn and cut against that grain.

Pittsburgh* (+2.5)

Here's hoping that Jim Harbaugh keeps a coaching billet open for his brother, who may very well find himself in need of one in the near future.

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