Thursday, October 22, 2015

NFL Week 7 Kickoff

by JASmius

Week 1: The Seahawks blow a one-touchdown fourth quarter lead and lose at St. Louis.  The loss is attributed to Kam Chancellor's holdout.

Week 2: The Seahawks blow a four-point fourth quarter lead and lose at Green Bay.  But that lead was never serious and nobody expected it to last any longer than it actually did.

Week 4: The Seahawks come within one yard of blowing a game-long lead and losing at home to then-winless Detroit.  The near-loss is attributed to the non-existent offense, a product of the worst offensive line in all of football at every level.

Week 5: The Seahawks blow a seventeen-point fourth quarter lead and lose at Cincinnati.  See the explanation for Week 4.

Week 6: The Seahawks blow an effective sixteen-point fourth quarter lead and lose to Carolina at the Clink.  The offense wasn't much better this time, but the defense can't escape the lion's share of the blame.

Including Super Bowl XLIX, the one-time World Champs have barfed up five fourth quarter leads and been outscored 76-27 in the final period.  Head coach Pete Carroll, by his own admission, is "baffled," and so am I.

But the results are crystal clear: Game over. Season over.  The Legion of Boom is dead.  And now there are rumors that Carroll may go back to USC after this season.

So why am I picking my team to win tonight at the site of a Super Bowl which they will never reach?  Because that's what my numbers indicate.

Seattle* (-6)
San Francisco

But my gut, and sheer common sense, overpoweringly indicate otherwise.

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