Sunday, October 11, 2015

No Jail Time For Bowe Bergdahl?

by JASmius

I guarantee you, folks, this order came from the very top:

An important voice in the military is arguing that the [traitor Ali-Bowebar al-Bergdahli] should not face punitive discharge or jail time for desertion and misbehavior charges.

The Army officer who presided over Bergdahl[i]’s preliminary hearing last month recommended that the case should proceed to a lower level court martial according to Bergdahl[i]’s lawyers, ABC News reports.

Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Visger “recommended that the charges be referred to a special court-martial and that a punitive discharge and confinement would be inappropriate given all the circumstances,” Bergdahl[i]’s civilian attorney Eugene Fidell told the network.

Sorry, I'm not buying that this is coming from just a lowly cluster-colonel.  Trace this "voice" back far enough and you'd find it coming out of the body with his dogs up on Old Resolute.

Remember that Berghdahli deserted.  Remember that Bergdahli sought out the Taliban and surrendered to them.  Remember that Bergdahli collaborated with them by feeding them intel that got multiple American soldiers killed.  And remember that  Bergdahli was kept alive by his "captors" - for five full years.  Is keeping captured infidel soldiers alive part of the jihadist MO?  Not the last time I checked, or any time prior to that.  Ipso facto, if Bergdahli were truly a U.S. soldier, he'd have been beheaded the same day he "wandered" into that Taliban compound.

And remember that monitoring Bergdahli's activities while on the other side was a high priority for this White House.

All of which explains why Barack Obama was eager to cough up five top Taliban commanders for this piece of jihadi-symp filth, gave his jihadi-symp parents a Rose Garden appearance, gave Bergdahli himself a hero's welcome.  The next step was an appointment to a seat in the House of Representatives, since clearly the Dems have plans for this young man.

So when the Army, after an interminable delay, announced its intention to prosecute him, I was at least moderately stunned.  After all Bergdahli did for The One, and that was the thanks he was going to get?

Then came the "misbehavior before the enemy" charge instead of straight-forward treason, which came across as the Army wanting to charge him with treason but being barred from doing so.  And now a "special court-martial" and not even any jail time, much less a firing squad.

That is no accident.

And then Ali Bowebar al-Bergdahli can be off on his Democrat political career as the third Muslim member of Congress.

And that's just the beginning.

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