Friday, October 09, 2015

Northern Arizona University Shooting Kills One, Wounds Three

by JASmius

You know what I think?  I don't think there has been a huge surge in active shooting incidents around the country over the past few years.  Indeed, documented statistics have shown a steady decline in gun violence in this country over the past generation (outside of cities with strict gun control statutes, anyway).  I think that there's been a huge surge in media coverage of every active shooting incident the press can find and get their cameras and microphones around in order to advance the Left's anti-Second Amendment/gun-confiscation Narrative.

Which makes my amplifying of it by writing about the latest example wittingly ironic, but I figure I'm like the firemen who tries to help put out the fire after the arsonists have done their dirty work:

A student armed with a handgun killed a fellow student in a "confrontation" at an Arizona university early Friday that also left three others with multiple gunshot wounds, police said.

The deadly incident at Northern Arizona University (NAU) came hours before Barack Obama was to meet families of victims of the October 1st shooting rampage at Umpqua Community College in Oregon that left nine people dead before the gunman killed himself.

Despite the fact that neither he nor his tiresomely caustic anti-gun message is wanted in Roseberg, Oregon, which happens to be an honest-to-goodness conservative enclave in the otherwise lunatic Beaver State.

The first emergency calls came through to police at 1:20AM Friday, when most NAU students would have been in bed at the sprawling university campus in the city of Flagstaff.

"Two of our student groups got into a confrontation. The confrontation turned physical and one of our students shot the other students. Four of our students were shot," said Gregory Fowler, chief of NAU police.

"We have one student deceased and three others being treated at the Flagstaff medical center."

The alleged shooter, named by police as freshman Steven Jones, eighteen, was taken into custody and did not attempt to escape arrest. All the victims were male students.

It was not immediately clear what the confrontation was about but Jones was cooperating with police, Fowler said.

From what I can find so far, it appears to have been some personal matter between a couple of fraternities, FWIW.

In case you were waiting for the inevitable punchline, here it is:

NAU spokeswoman Cindy Brown told CNN that the incident occurred in a parking lot next to a residence hall on campus, which is a designated "gun-free" zone with twenty thousand students. [emphasis added]

You'd think that the connection between gun violence and "gun-free zones" would begin to sink into the public's collective consciousness after a while, at least to the extent of triggering uncontrollable laughter, ridicule, and sardonic public derision whenever leftwingnuts troll us with their ancient, asinine gun-grabbing bromides.  But then I imagine you'd think a lot of things, given the right circumstances.  Problem is, these particular circumstances couldn't be more right, and yet there's Red Barry, apparently finally moving ahead with making good on his series of imperial gun-confiscation decrees:

Barack Obama is considering using an executive order to impose new background-check requirements on people buying guns from high-volume dealers, the Washington Post reports.

The change would require dealers who go over a certain number of sales per year to have a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and do background checks people attempting to buy guns from them....

Federal law already requires dealers who are "engaged in the business" to perform background checks, but the new executive action would add anyone who sells a significant number of guns per year, according to the Post. [emphasis added]

As with ObamaCare and taxes and immigration, this is an open, brazen, flagrant, tyrannical violation of Article I, Section 1 of the United States Constitution:

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

This royal edict doesn't even have the sheer, flimsy cover of abuse of "prosecutorial discretion" to pump any fog onto the extraconstitutional battlefield.  This is flat-out presidential legislating, adding to a federal statute (that is also unconstitutional under Amendment II, but leave that aside for now) utterly and completely without any legal authority to do so.

Although, as I always say, he does have the power to do so - and it's not as if Congress is going to dare get in his way:

"I do not believe an executive order's going to solve any problems here," Louisiana-4 Representative John Fleming told Sinclair Broadcasting.

"The president going beyond his powers to do things that should go through legislation is a bad idea."

And....that's it.  "It's a bad idea".  No "You will NOT do this," no "This will not stand!", no constitutional crisis lines in the sand, no threats of impeachment.  But then the time for such things was years ago, and certainly in 2012 by throwing O's scrawny ass out of power for good.  By now his dictatorship is so entrenched and has so much precedent behind it that "the president going beyond his powers to do things that should go through legislation" is simply "the way of things" and, as I called it six years ago, "the New Normal".

And when he orders federal marshals, FBI, ATF, and federal troops to begin the process of confiscating all four hundred million or so firearms in this country by force, the resulting avalanche of "anti-government violence" will not redound to the White House's PR detriment, not by a long shot.

But in the meantime, this background check expansion will do precisely nothing to prevent active shooting incidents, few though they actually are in reality.  And that, too, is part of the Master Plan, because it will lead to calls for gun control escalation, leading to those poundings on the door in the dead of night.

But not to be a complete buzzkill to your Friday morning, here's Dr. Ben Carson with his quiet, cerebral brand of rationality and common sense on this topic, which is like a tall, frosty glass of ice water after a crawl across the entire northern arc of the African continent.

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