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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Obama NOAA Withholds Climate Documents From Congress

by JASmius

....because they had to "tweak" their results to fit the fictional Obama "climate change" narrative and haven't yet devised a means of covering it up - at least, that's the sage conclusion of House Committee on Science, Space & Technology Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX21):

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has refused to answer an October 13th subpoena from by Representative Lamar Smith (R) of Texas-21, Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Representative Smith, a prominent [global warming hoax whistleblower], demanded that internal communications surrounding a recent [cherry-picked] climate change study by NOAA scientists be turned over to his committee for examination.

Thomas Karl, the director of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, published the paper in question in a June issue of the [fellow-traveler]-reviewed journal Science. By explaining [the] relevant data trends [that conform to the Obamunist party line], Karl and his colleagues dispute “the notion of a ‘slowdown’ in the increase of global surface temperature” and argue climate change is as prevalent as ever.

Smith, who regularly [points out how anthropogenic global warming has been debunked, reasonably points out the fact that] NOAA scientists manipulated data to get the “results they needed to advance this administration’s extreme climate change agenda.”

Hey, if Yahoo News is going to blatantly skew their report in the wrong direction, I'm going to edit them appropriately.

Bottom line is, if the Regime's climate data supported their greenstremist claims, they would be eager to submit their full documentation to Chairman Smith in order to discredit and humiliate him.  Instead they are defying a valid subpoena (response to which I always thought was mandatory, not optional), almost as if they have something to hide:

The agency says it has given the committee all data and information available to the public, as well as explanatory briefings on the research. And the agency says their obligations to the committee end there.

A declaration that has the ring of rOyalty behind it, doesn't it?

“Because the confidentiality of these communications among scientists is essential to frank discourse among scientists, those documents were not provided to the Committee,” the agency told Nature. “It is a long-standing practice in the scientific community to protect the confidentiality of deliberative scientific discussions.” [emphases added]

Since when?  These aren't the nuclear launch codes we're talking about; it's just temperature readings and climatological data.  Which quite clearly don't support the "climate change" hoaxter's socialist hysterics and do support "climate deniers" like Lamar Smith, or they wouldn't be making crap up to save themselves more public humiliation and exposure as the corrupt, extremist Donk political hacks they are.

One thing they're most certainly not is "scientists".  Because "science" is, after all, the trial & error search for the truth.  And even in this coverup, they are revealing more truth about themselves than they are the climate.

Exit question: the House is already preparing to impeach the IRS commissioner; why not add the NOAA administrator and make it a two-fer?

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