Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Obama To Illegally Flood Job Market With Work Cards For Illegal Aliens

by JASmius

Obamnesty steamrolls on:

The Obama administration is about to power up a massive new executive action on immigration and it’s far scarier than anyone could have imagined. Last November, when Homeland Security released its ten memos [unconstitutionally] commandeering immigration policy from Congress, [Commissar] Johnson included a vague plan aimed at benefiting the tech industry, innocuously titled “Modernizing the Employment-Based Immigrant Visa System.” But a secret memo recently leaked on an immigration law blog now reveals that this ‘modernization’ plan will not only fast-track hundreds of thousands of work permits to employment visa-applicants in violation of longstanding U.S. worker protection laws, but will enable hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to also receive work permits despite their unlawful status. [emphasis added]

And either way, it will further inundate an already glutted and depressed job market, take more of what jobs there still are away from American citizens, since illegals are an overtly politically favored demographic (i.e. business that don't fire their citizen employees and replace them with illegals will be targeted for federal punishment), and turn up the flow of foreign nationals into the already Cloward-Pivenized U.S. welfare system since even with the Obama Regime running interference for them, most illegals will still be unable to find work.

Here are the core details:

“Guest workers” in the country on a H-1b or similar program must get their employer to sponsor them by filling out an I-140 application. That essentially keeps them in thrall to the employer with their legal status dependent on their continued employment. If they follow the rules and wait in line, they can eventually be approved to change their status to that of a permanent resident alien with a coveted EAD card, allowing them to essentially go or work anywhere. This remains true even after their H-1b expires. Achieving this status currently takes eight to ten years while they go through the required background checks, etc.

Under this new set of rules, any guest worker with an approved I-140 can have their “status” upgraded pretty much automatically after a year and get the free pass of having an EAD card. But you might be thinking, well, that’s not so bad. At least it’s employed guest workers who are inside the system legally. Not so fast there, Skippy. As Smith points out, this opens the door to illegal aliens with an incredibly easy side step of the rules.

Perhaps the most striking part of Obama’s move: illegal aliens will also be able to get EADs. All one needs to file an I-140 petition is an official ID; proving lawful presence isn’t required. The thousands of business-owners around the country who knowingly hire illegal aliens can cynically sponsor petitions whether or not the underlying applicant is legal. Ultimately, the USCIS bureaucrats will reject his or her adjustment-of-status application (after ten plus years), but they’ll still be able to get that golden EAD.

So all you need is an ID card and an employer who isn’t spending all of their time doubling as an ICE agent. And isn’t it convenient that California has been issuing drivers licenses and state ID cards to “undocumented immigrants” faster than they do to citizens? Then all one needs to do is wait for a year without being caught and deported and… poof! You get an EAD card and an essentially permanent get out of jail free card. Oh, and if you read section 2 of the memo above, it applies to spouses and children as well. [emphases added]

Seems pretty comprehensive, if you'll pardon my employing that term.  Also illegal and unconstitutional, since it's coming from the extended tip of King Hussein's royal putter instead of through Congress as it's supposed to.  But that Rubicon was crossed long ago.

The point is, this is going to be entrenched.  Any successor to Obama (if there ever is one) that isn't a border control hawk will, in practice, leave most or all of Obamnesty in place out of either philosophical sympathy or the standard Republican fear of "offending Hispanics," as though that demographic is ideologically monolithic.  And even a border control hawk (and no, I'm not talking about Donald Trump) will probably find rescinding Obamnesty to be a lot tougher sledding than one would think it should be, by the simple implement of a restored Democrat Congress ramming through another "comprehensive immigration reform" bill that retroactively enacts all its odious, sovereignty-destroying, citizenship-devaluing provisions.

I know that Tea Partiers think the rolling back enemy accomplishments should be as easy as rolling them forward was for the other side.  But Democrat policy advances are like the old Red Army: It didn't always win, but whatever territory it occupied, it never left.  That's why, to paraphrase President Reagan, "a government program is the closest thing to immortality we will ever see in this life" - whether it's legally enacted and implemented or not.

If any of you have a viable idea to change the dynamic, I am all ears and skepticism.

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