Friday, October 23, 2015

Paul Ryan's Questionable Bid for Speaker

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I wanted to call this article "Paul Ryan's Questionable Conservatism."

Conservative members of the Freedom Caucus say they plan to support Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House.  Many conservatives are not so sure that is a good idea.  Nonetheless, Mr. Ryan seems to be all but a shoe-in for the position with that support. Ryan states that among his demands is a unified Republican Party, and a return to “regular order,” where all proposed bills must come through committees first. 

The doubt conservatives have regarding Mr. Ryan is largely influenced by Paul Ryan’s record in Congress.  His questionable record includes support for every bailout, every spending bill, the stimulus, TARP, the Auto bailout, Amnesty, and giving President Obama full Trade Authority via the TPA in regards to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Not exactly a history that one could call dreamy as far as the GOP should go.

Ryan’s proposed budget (The Ryan Budget) proved to be quite conservative, however, and perhaps that is his saving grace.  His budget plan may serve as a point in Ryan’s favor regarding his bid to succeed the retiring John Boehner. To support Mr. Ryan, the Freedom Caucus would also need to abandon their endorsement of Daniel Webster (R-FL.).

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JASmius said...

There is another theory I have about the opposition - or "doubts" - many TPers have to/about Paul Ryan. That it really has nothing to do with supporting bailouts, TARP, or TPA - missteps they would be willing to forgive - but has everything to do with his openness to "comprehensive immigration reform". I think a lot of Tea Partiers have become single-issue voters, and illegal immigration has become that single issue. It was the reason Eric Cantor was cashiered over a year ago, it was the original reason for their antipathy towards John Boehner as Speaker, and its the reason many don't feel "dreamy" about a Speaker Ryan. Trumpmania would seem to be the proof of that theory.

Of course, even Ted Cruz supports the idea of a "pathway to citizenship" for illegals. One wonders why he's cut a pass and Paul Ryan should not be.