Friday, October 02, 2015

Pope Francis Turns On Kim Davis

by JASmius

When I saw this story.....:

“The Pope spoke in English,” [Davis] told me. “There was no interpreter. ‘Thank you for your courage,’ Pope Francis said to me. I said, ‘Thank you, Holy Father.’ I had asked a monsignor earlier what was the proper way to greet the Pope, and whether it would be appropriate for me to embrace him, and I had been told it would be okay to hug him. So I hugged him, and he hugged me back. It was an extraordinary moment. ‘Stay strong,’ he said to me. Then he gave me a rosary as a gift, and he gave one also to my husband, Joe. I broke into tears. I was deeply moved…

Vatican sources have confirmed to me that this meeting did occur; the occurrence of this meeting is not in doubt. [emphasis added]

....I didn't comment on it, because, given that this pope is about as Catholic or "Christian" as a Ron Jeremy infomercial, I just knew the other shoe was going to drop.

And now it has:

Pope Francis did not ask to meet a Kentucky county clerk who had been jailed for refusing to issue "marriage" licenses to [homosexual] "couples" and did not offer her unconditional support, the Vatican said on Friday.

Really?  Kinda hard to reconcile that with "Thank your for your courage," and "stay strong," don't you think?

Looking to limit controversy after last week's meeting in Washington between the pope and Kim Davis, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said she was one of "several dozen" people who had been invited by the Vatican ambassador to see Francis.

Which is not relevant to the content of Francis's meeting with the persecuted Rowan County, Kentucky clerk.

"The Pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects," Lombardi said in a statement.

Even though that is precisely what it was and precisely what it did.  And what about the vid above exposing Francis as defending precisely the substance of Kim Davis's position?  How does the Vatican bullshit that one away?  My LORD, my LORD, it's almost as if Francis is ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, isn't it?  Something the LORD Himself addressed:

But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.

The prophet Isaiah as well:

Transgressing and denying the LORD, And turning away from our God, Speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving in and uttering from the heart lying words.

Sure sounds like the Pope's "sense of regret":

One Vatican official said there was "a sense of regret" that the pope had ever seen Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk who went to jail in September for refusing to [deny Christ and proclaim Sodom as Lord by knuckling under to] a[n lawlessly unconstitutional and tyrannical]  U.S. Supreme Court ruling and issue [homosexual] "marriage" licences.

The encounter in Washington was originally kept secret and has sparked widespread debate since it became public this week, proving something of a misstep for the pontiff.

Only in the sense that he allowed to surface a Christian side he probably didn't know he had, and even he did, he's clearly ashamed of it, which is why his Marxist/jesuit side to serve penance for its unwanted appearance by figuratively betraying and beating Kim Davis unconscious.

What a perfidious weasel.  If I ever had the grievous misfortune of coming face to face with Pope Francis, I'm not sure what I'd call him, and what I could manage not to call him, but "Holy Father" would sure as shinola not be it.

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