Monday, October 19, 2015

Red China Reneges On Anti-Hacking Pact With Obama

by JASmius

Last week Vladimir Putin gave Barack Obama several wedgies on Syria, the Castro brothers flaunted his "grand opening to Cuba" by sending troops to join the Russians there, and now it's the ChiComms' turn to run up the humiliation score on his infernal majesty's hapless, oblivious, malignant stupidity:

Hackers associated with the Chinese government have tried to penetrate at least seven U.S. companies in the three weeks since Washington and Beijing agreed not to spy on each other for commercial reasons, according to a prominent U.S. security firm.

In other words, the ChiComm hackers never missed a beat, or even slowed down their cyberlooting.

CrowdStrike Inc. said software it placed at five U.S. technology and two pharmaceutical companies had detected and rebuffed the attacks, which began on September 26th.

Or in other words, on the very next day after....

On September 25th, Barack Obama said he and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed that neither government would knowingly support cyber theft of corporate secrets to support domestic businesses.

The very next f'ing day, ladies and gentlemen.  But then, it was a flimsy "deal" anyway:

The agreement stopped short of restricting spying to obtain government secrets, including those held by private contractors.

Of course, it did.  But then it's not as if O would bother even attempting to hold Beijing to this "pact" anyway, any more than he is or will the Iranians on their nuclear weapons development.  For Obama, these "historic agreements" are all potemkin in nature, shiny outer facades concealing their gutted emptiness underneath until our gleeful enemies rip the facades to shreds in their unconcealed, trampling rampages across American influence and self-respect and through whatever minimal, theoretical restrictions these "agreements" placed upon them:

The "primary benefits of the intrusion seems clearly aligned to facilitate theft of intellectual property and trade secrets, rather than to conduct traditional, national-security-related intelligence collection," CrowdStrike said in a blog post to be published on Monday.

The White House said they were aware of these blatant violations of Obama's "agreement" with the ChiComms but declined any further comment on them because the whole debacle is, frankly, unspinnable.

But they did offer up this unreasuring reassurance:

"As we move forward, we will monitor China's cyber activities closely and press China to abide by all of its commitments," said the official who did not want to be identified by name.

Yeah, THAT will have Beijing quaking in its collectivist boots.

Exit question: Can you blame that official for not wanting to be publicly identified?

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