Thursday, October 29, 2015

Russian Warplanes Buzz U.S. Aircraft Carrier

by JASmius

Here we go again.  This time, the provocation took place in near the Korean peninsula:

Two Russian planes buzzed the American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan as it sailed in international waters east of the Korean peninsula, Stars & Stripes reports.

The news outlet reports the Ronald Reagan scrambled four fighter jets after the Russian reconnaissance planes came within one nautical mile Tuesday morning.

Stars & Stripes reported U.S. officials tried — and failed — to contact the Russian aircraft; an American ship escorting the Ronald Reagan followed the Russian aircraft as they withdrew, officials tell the news outlet.

This has definitely become a pattern - in the Black Sea and off the Alaskan and California coasts earlier this year.  Perhaps to see if there's ANY provocation that Barack Obama will respond to, or maybe to provoke that very response confident that The One won't know what to do after that and will be even more eager to give everything Vladimir Putin wants and then some - say, Alaska, perhaps?

At any rate, the constant poke-poke-poking is unlikely to be just random and does seem to be building toward something.  As I wrote almost four months ago:

We know that they're testing our air defense response times and capabilities and strength - airborne reconnaissance in essence. But are the Russians monitoring some sort of ongoing clandestine operation? Or are they establishing this "buzzing" pattern to lull our air defense system into coming to see these incursions as "routine" in preparation for one day making it the real thing, perhaps as, in turn, a diversion from a bigger and/or more comprehensive "incursion"?

It seems that whichever side lets loose a missile first, we will end up on the losing end of it.  The only question will be the magnitude and extent.

And I don't just mean O's frantic and desperate concessions.

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