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Thursday, October 01, 2015

School Shooting in Oregon

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Campus Shooting - At Least 13 Dead

There has been a shooting at a community college in Oregon. The scenario unfolding is currently providing various details that are not fully confirmed.  Initial reports suggest at least 15 are dead with 20 or more wounded. A suspect has been either shot or arrested.

The shooter went into a classroom and began shooting. Students have been evacuated to a nearby fair ground. Current reports say there are multiple injuries from multiple classrooms at the community college in Oregon, but officials say that all of the shooting occurred in one classroom. Lock-down continues, but the shooter is believed to have been killed by local law enforcement.  It began about 10:45 am Pacific Time.  The shooting occurred at Umpqua Community College 70 miles south of Eugene, Oregon and a couple miles outside Roseburg, Oregon.

Local news say there are as many as 15 dead, though other reports give us the number 13.  More than twenty are being reported as injured.

Local hospital reporting massive preparations for an ‘unknown’ number of patients arriving at any moment.

Dogs are on campus to make sure there are no more devices or materials on the campus.  Authorities and hospital at disaster level response.

Watch for the liberal left to politicize this instance, as well, as they always do, and try to use it to push for gun control.  Once again, we have seen a shooting in a "Gun Free Zone" (or at least as far as security goes - security was unarmed).  Students, we are being told, with permits, are allowed to carry on campus.  Local authorities have not given a press conference as of yet.

Our prayers and support go out to the victims, families and those involved.  May local authorities have the wisdom and strength to work the situation properly.

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