Thursday, October 22, 2015

Should New York Cop Killer Be Exempt From Justice Because He's Black?

by JASmius

That's the implication of the leftwingnut clamor for turning loose hordes of drug offenders the same way that Tyrone Howard, the individual pictured above, was on twenty-eight separate occasions, before he executed a New York City cop gangland style this week.

Personally, I'd take "Incarceration Nation" any day of the week and twice on Sunday:

The United States has way too many people in jail. Our incarceration rate of about five hundred prisoners per hundred thousand people is the highest in the world....

Which is both a non sequitur and nothing that lefties actually give a damn about, because it's only a rhetorical prelude to what they do:

....and those who are locked up are disproportionately people of color.

Ipso facto, all current prison inmates at every level, federal, State, and local, convicted of drug crimes should be released immediately, provided they are African-American (and federally-convicted, since the DEA is unconstitutional).  Is that not the clear and logical conclusion to be drawn from the above observation?

A new group, including some of the law enforcement heads from some of the biggest....

And most corruptly leftwing Democrat.

....cities in the country, will urge Barack Obama on Thursday to help them to lower those rates, while also increasing public safety.

Which are diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive objectives, unless they're referring to "public safety" from law enforcement.

“We’re incarcerating the wrong people, and we’re measuring the wrong things,” said Garry F. McCarthy, superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, during a question-and-answer session with reporters in Washington on Wednesday. He was in the capital for the meeting with Obama and the public launch of a new organization of law enforcement officials that is calling for massive changes to the criminal justice system.

Which is to say, it's effective dismantling as an instrument of impartial justice and it's "fundamental transformation" into an instrument of racial retribution and anti-white repression.

Which brings us back to Mr. Howard and his (black) victim, Randolph Holder:

A man with a lengthy arrest record got out of jail and into a drug treatment program months before he was accused of gunning down a police officer while wanted in another shooting, infuriating the police commissioner and prompting a judge to defend his decision....

Earlier, a visibly angry Commissioner William Bratton described Howard, thirty, as a dangerous career criminal who never should have been on the streets, calling him a "poster boy for not being diverted" to a treatment-oriented drug court instead of to prison.

The leftwingnut judge's alibi was, paraphrased, "How was I supposed to know that a career violent criminal might shoot a police officer in the back of the head?"  Not that New York State Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin regrets that decision, of course, or wouldn't do the exact same thing even knowing the lethal consequences of it for Officer Holder and his family.  Because, you see, Tyrone Howard is black, and his racial identity atones for all his sins and entitles him to go right on committing more.  And there are plenty more drug convicts where he came from, ready to be the foot soldiers in Barack Obama's nation-wide race war to come.

He'll amnesty all of them, folks.  Only question is when.

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