Monday, October 19, 2015

Texas Pulls Plug On Planned Parenthood

by JASmius

Let this be a lesson in strategy to congressional Tea Partiers: Since Medicaid funds are dispersed at the State, not federal level, the States are the best venues in which to defund the twenty-first century Nazi Party, at least until the GOP can retake the White House and gain a filibuster-proof Senate majority to abolish Medicaid once and for all:

Texas became the latest and biggest U.S. State to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood, saying the women’s health group is no longer eligible for Medicaid payments.

The State said Monday that Planned Parenthood had run afoul of the law for selling fetal tissue recovered during abortions. The inspector general’s office at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission has been investigating the group in connection with an undercover video revealing the practice.

“The State has determined that you and your Planned Parenthood affiliates are no longer capable of performing medical services in a professionally competent, safe, legal, and ethical manner,” according to a letter from the inspector general’s office to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

And all the people raised their faces to the heavens and shouted, "AMEN!"

And the devil snarled in riposte, "I'll see in you in court!":

The move sets up a legal battle in Texas, the latest State to freeze funding for the group after the [pro-life] group Center for Medical Progress released a series of videos [exposing] the practice of selling fetal tissue for medical research. Planned Parenthood has already sued in three States -- Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana -- over Medicaid funding for its patients. A federal judge on Sunday ordered Louisiana to continue providing Medicaid funding to the group pending a legal battle. Planned Parenthood has indicated it could do the same in Texas.

Because neo-Nazis have a stupendous entitlement mentality, same as every other leftwing extremists.

“It is completely outrageous that Texas officials are using these thoroughly discredited, fraudulent videos....

Which have been, in this quantum reality, thoroughly vindicated and corroborated in catching PP poobahs red-handed in their macabre, RICO-worthy criminal conspiracy. cut women off from preventive health care, including cancer screenings, HIV testing and birth control”....

The former two of which they do not actually provide other than in the creatively mendatious imaginations of their gutter propagandists..

....said Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, in an e-mailed statement. "We will fight back against this outrageous, malicious, political attack in Texas.”

"We demand that you pay for us to mass-murder unborn children by the millions and buy our Lamborghinis as well."

And all the people raised their middle fingers in the air and shouted....

Well, you know.

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