Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Table Is Set For Hillary Clinton

by JASmius

Or, rather, Republican voters are setting the table for a third Clinton administration, according to the most recent Assholiated Press-GfK poll.  I'd like to think that they don't realize this is what they're intending to do, but I'm starting to have my doubts:

A huge majority of Republican voters [77%-22%] prefer an outsider candidate to one with experience in Washington, and most see political rookies Donald Trump and Ben Carson as possible general election winners, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll.

In other words, a candidate with no political experience who has not the foggiest idea what he's doing.  Something that nobody would do if they were shopping for a brain surgeon or a defense attorney to represent them in a murder trial or a mechanic to repair a safety defect on their car, but is somehow just peachy-keen when it comes to leading the country and controlling the nuclear launch codes.  What's wrong with this picture?

Yeah, sure, I get it, most of you think along the lines of, "We elected 'politicians' and they completely f'd things up; let's try something else."  But that isn't an attempt to find solutions, it's giving up.  "We elected politicians and they completely f'd things up (a profound overgeneralization), so if things are going to be completely f'd up, what have we got to lose by electing somebody completely incompetent for the job?"  Tell me again how this even sounds like a winning formula?

In addition to the fact that, in reality, there's no such thing as an "outsider," because as soon as an "outsider" announces their candidacy, they become a "politician," and if they manage to win, they become an "insider" by definition, and therefore the enemy by definition and must be ousted in favor of another "outsider" immediately.  At some faint, dim level, y'all do realize this is insanity, don't you?

The solution isn't to elect "outsiders," the solution is to elect the right politicians.  And on the presidential level, the right politician, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, has already been bums-rushed out of the race.

And I haven't even gotten into how some "outsiders" (Ben Carson) are better - vastly better - than others (Donald Trump), who is not only a Democrat Trojan horse for Mrs. Clinton sent to sabotage the Republican defenses against her candidacy but already has the biggest negatives [31%-57%]  of any candidate in the race and enough fodder for Donk oppo research to vaporize the billionnaire slumlord .  And yet over seventy percent of Republican voters deludedly think Trump would win a general election contest.

Clearly the core problem is.....most of you and your misfiring synapses.  Although, contradictorily, the only other GOP candidate whose electability rating exceeds half is Florida Senator Marco Rubio.  Demonstrating, I'm guessing, that the "establishment" isn't dead yet.

However - and I'll admit this is a tough thing to do and was a tough lesson for me to learn twenty years ago, but it was definitely a skill worth gaining - looking outside and beyond the rightwing bubble of existential cloture, the rest of the general electorate is either regarding us with incredulity or is actively laughing at us:

Among all people in the U.S., less than half view any of the Republican candidates as people who could win a general election. Bush and Trump are both seen as possible winners by 48% of Americans. That's more than say so for any other Republican candidate, but far less than the 75% who say that [Mrs.] Clinton [will] win the election if she is nominated on the Democrat side. [emphasis added]

Is a lot of that name-recognition?  Absolutely.  But it doesn't account for all of it, or the fact that a vastly larger number of LIVs and NIVs give Hillary enormously better odds of getting back to the White House than two 'Pubbies with equal public ubiquity.  Something that is, well, let's just say not encouraging.

And remember: Mrs. Clinton is way more experienced than Donald Trump or Ben Carson.

Once again I ask my fellow Republican voters: Are you sure you want to go down this path?  Because I can promise you that you will not like where it ends up.

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