Friday, October 23, 2015

The Tea Party's False Flag Attacks

by JASmius

Imagine how awesome it would be if these TP groups were directing their ire and fire at the Democrats instead of their own party:

Online attacks on Republicans which appear to be the work of Democrat troublemakers are in reality being fired off by conservative political action committees hoping to oust politicians they consider the GOP mainstream, the New York Times reports. [emphasis added]

Because they have declared the (conservative) "GOP mainstream" the enemy in lieu of the actual Democrat enemy due to their lack of "perfection".  And they can't even do so honestly.

And it's paying off for the groups, which solicit small donations.

i.e. Ill-gotten gain.

Larry Ward, founder of the Constitutional Rights PAC, which hopes to torpedo Representative Paul Ryan's chance to become House Speaker, told the newspaper:

"Politics is supposed to be bloody. It is supposed to be a battle of will. And the one who can get the American people siding with them is the one who wins."

But why do you want to shed, as it were, the blood of your brother, Larry?  Knife in the back your buddy in the same or adjoining foxhole?  Perpetuate the leadership chaos in the House GOP which can only torpedo the GOP agenda and be an absolute and comprehensive boon to the Democrats?  What the bloody hell is wrong with you?  Because Ryan voted for TARP, which just about every Republican did seven years ago?   Because he, as chairman of the House Budget Committee in the wake of the underwhelming 2012 election, was forced to get the best budget deal he could a couple of years ago?  Welcome to politics, Larry.  Apparently you missed that old saying about nobody being perfect, and Paul Ryan is certainly no different.  But does that warrant trying to torpedo his candidacy for a job he was recruited into against his better judgment?  And, I'll say it again, in favor of a House Freedom Caucus candidate in Daniel Webster whose lifetime Freedom Works rating is seventeen points lower?  And you can't even show your figurative face in the attempt?

This is dishonorable, it is underhanded, and it combusts just about every shred of respect I have left for the Tea Party movement.  LORD knows the "establishment" has its faults, not a single one to which I am at all blind.  Nor do I have any issue with "primarying," which both sides do to the other, as that is open and above-board competition, even if it can be ill-advised depending upon the "redness" or "blueness" of the district or State in question.  Let the best candidate(s) win.  But never forget that these are competitions between friends and allies, not enemies.

I'm neither an "establishmentarian," nor a Tea Partier - I am a Reagan conservative, and I well remember the Gipper's Eleventh Commandment: "Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican".  Dutch never lost sight of who the real enemy was.  Would that Republicans had such leadership today.

Senator Susan Collins - admittedly a flaming RINO but spot on here - gets the last word:

"This is clearly an organized effort and an attempt by these groups to raise money for themselves," said Senator Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, told the newspaper. "They hurt our party, they hurt our Congress and they hurt our country."


Douglas V. Gibbs said...

You are making a generalization regarding the Tea Party.

JASmius said...

Not really. I did use the phrase "these TP groups" in my lede. But if they're not representative of the TP rank & file, why does the latter not disavow their actions? Silence does tend to be concurrence, after all.