Saturday, October 31, 2015

Wall Street Declares War On Hillary Clinton

by JASmius

Yeah, about that rumored, balleyhooed $2.5 billion campaign warchest....

You know what they say about cynically and opportunistically pirouetting and treacherously biting the hands that have been feeding you for years:

Hillary Clinton funded her New York Senate campaigns with Wall Street dollars, but the same can't be said of her presidential bid. Those donors are giving far more money to Republican presidential hopefuls than they are to [Mrs.] Clinton.
In her White House bid, [Mrs.] Clinton has gotten about $5.9 million from Wall Street for her campaign and super PAC, an analysis of Federal Election Commission data, compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics shows.

But former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, whose poll numbers have tanked, has raised some $30 million from Wall Street, the analysis shows.

Bush isn't the only one pulling in money from Wall Street. Texas Senator Ted Cruz has gotten $12.5 million, mostly from hedge fund magnate Robert Mercer. And New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has taken in $5.2 million.

That's not a complete list and tally, but just from that disclosure alone, GOP candidates are raking in more than the Empress is from "the Street" by a nearly ten to one margin.  I don't know if it's because they actually believe that she really has returned to her Marxist-Alinskyist roots or because they don't want to repeat being the cheap dates they were for Barack Obama almost a decade ago, but clearly they're not making the same mistake twice:

Part of the problem with the donors lies with Barack Obama, who collected millions for his first presidential election. Once he was in office, he angered the financial sector first by [sign]ing the Dodd-Frank legislation, which put further rules on the financial industry, and then by saying he didn't seek office to help "a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street.”

New York financier Anthony Scaramucci told the Hill he helped Obama in his first term because they had a law school connection, but backed Mitt Romney in 2012 because of Obama's anti-business stance....

[S]everal of Romney's donors for 2012 said they will not return to Democrats, with one donor saying in 2008 he got "swept up" by Obama becoming the first African-American president, but now, he knows many such donors will return to supporting Republicans. [emphasis added]

The evil spell of "historic" candidacies worked once, but they apparently don't work twice.  Whether because an overabundance of epidural pigmentation vastly outweighs two X-chromosomes or because Herself is a spectacularly incompetent witch - both, really - this is further evidence that Hillary Clinton's vagina is not going to carry her to the White House any more than is extorted Wall Street protection money.  And she has no political skillset whatsoever.  So.....what's left?  "Just because"?  It's "her turn"?

Oh, wait, I keep forgetting - Donald Trump....

The Clintons never leave home for a presidential campaign without a billionaire insurance policy, after all.

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