Monday, November 02, 2015

Bill Clinton On Presidential Debate Commission

by JASmius

I'm not sure how that'll specifically help Bernie Sanders next fall, but it would be interesting to see if there was a mild smirk tugging the corners of Sick Willie's maw upwards at the first face-to-face general election encounter:

A conflict of interest could be afoot at the Commission on Presidential Debates if Hillary Clinton gets the Democrat presidential nomination. Her husband, former president Bill Clinton, is an honorary chairman on the commission leadership board.

Republican primary campaigns just finished a confab in Alexandria, Virginia, discussing how to better improve the debates among themselves, but the bipartisan commission handles details of general election debates between the Republican and Democrat presidential nominees.

The other Democrat who is an honorary chair is former president Jimmy Carter. The only two former Republican presidents who served as honorary chairmen of the commission, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, are deceased. It is unclear, however, how Carter and Clinton function in these roles.

Expressed differently, are Mr. Bill and America's Goober Plenipotentiary honorary presidential debate commission chairmen or "honorary" <nudge, nudge, wink, wink> presidential debate commission chairmen?  Nobody seems to know if an honorary chairman has any actual or official duties and influence over how the presidential debates are set up, moderated, and otherwise run.  The word suggests it's just a ceremonial post, and maybe it would be in any other circumstances.  But with the possibility - waning, but still existent - of the "honorary" chairman's wife being one of the debate participants next fall, and with this being the Clintons we're talking about, innocent coincidence is a scenario that doesn't pass the laugh OR smell tests.

It's not difficult to foresee CNBC moderating all two or three presidential debates, with MSNBC directing the veep underbout.  But then it's not difficult to foresee that scenario anyway, Mr. Peanut and Willie Wanka or no Mr. Peanut and Willie Wanka.  Which only means that the press is as mafia-corrupt as La Clinton Nostra is.  But they ARE all Democrats, after all.

When Weekend Bernie takes the stage, the woulda-been First Scoundrel will be surfing porn sites on his I-Pad or whatever.  Which means he'll still have the mild smirk on his face, one way or the other.

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