Saturday, November 21, 2015

Catch Doug on KTIE 590AM today. . .

Ed Hoffman's "The Main Event" will have me on as a guest today for 25 minutes!

Douglas V. Gibbs discusses the Constitution with Ed Hoffman, KTIE 590-AM.  His program airs 9:30-10:30 am Pacific.  Doug is expected during the second half of the program.

When you're done, Doug will also be co-hosting American Daily Review, and hosting Constitution Radio. . .

9:30 am The Main Event/Wholesale Capital with Ed Hoffman, Doug is a guest for 25 minutes, second half of the program (likely beginning at 10:00 am)

11:00 am American Daily Review with JASmius, Doug is a co-host for the 2-hour online radio program.

1:00 pm Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs, live flagship program starring Douglas V. Gibbs, Alex Ferguson and Jim "JASmius" Sondergeld.
KMET 1490-AM

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