Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Climate Change Quandry

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The gentleman showed me a chart that showed that the level of carbon dioxide has been on the increase.  He said it coincided with human industrial growth.  The pollutants we've put in the air have caused the increase of carbon, and therefore, the warming of the planet is due to our activity.

Remember, he's of the ilk that believed because of human interference, the planet was cooling. .  back in the 1970s.

"What if," I asked him, "the rise in carbon does not cause the rise in temperature?  What if the rise in temperature causes the rise in carbon?  Core samples in the Antarctic, which is overflowing with a growing ice shelf right now, show that historically when temperatures have risen and fallen in history, the carbon dioxide level follows the fluctuations.  They don't lead the fluctuations."

I could have talked about the natural cycle of warming and cooling that occurred long before man was pumping smoke out of stacks.  How about the fact that other planets are also experiencing warming and cooling trends as we do.  Then there's the NASA study that shows that because the antarctic ice is increasing, ocean levels that were supposed to be rising and flooding cities are actually dropping.  I didn't want to confuse him with more facts.  He was already about ready to pop off the top of his noggin'.

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, faced with the dangers of an invasion of the United States through illegal immigration, the accumulation of nuclear capabilities by an Iranian nation that regularly chants "Death to America!", incoming "refugees" that are actually jihadists bent on the rise of Islamic terrorism inside the United States, flyovers near American airspace of Russian and Chinese aircraft, a North Korean leader who desires all out nuclear war, and a cyber-war that is arising with the Chinese and North Koreans continuously seeking to break into our national computer systems, has declared the number one concern when it comes to protecting the United States is man-made global warming.

Like government regulated and controlled health care, and massive gun control regulations, Climate Change is all about controlling the public, and keeping the statist political elite in power.  A controlled population is a compliant population, and if the liberal left progressive socialist statist fascist commie bastards can control your energy usage, and eventually get you out of your automobiles (because that kind of independence to roam around as you choose can be dangerous to their authoritarian agenda), resistance will be futile.

Heck, even the self-driving cars can't seem to stay out of harm's way, so I am figuring eventually they will begin to treat driving like they do tobacco and e-cigs.  Despite the facts, driving will be considered too hazardous to your health, and it will become law that cars are outlawed, and public transportation will be mandatory, despite your objections.

Here is what is especially fascinating.  The statists in a capitalist country like the United States, like Bill Gates who used capitalism to reach his incredibly wealthy position, is claiming that Climate Change is true, and that "Capitalism cannot save us from Climate Change."  Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin, the ex-KGB Russian Leader who many think wants a statist communist system, but has allowed Russia to become more capitalistic, has recognized that man-made Climate Change might be a load of B.S., after all.

Upside down and topsy-turvy.

As scientists continue to bail on the money tree they've been feeding off of with false environmental models to deceptively support the leftist concept (hoax) of man-made Climate Change, and as more and more evidence emerges that warming and cooling is not only a natural cycle, but that the warming part of it ended long ago, how is it that the liberal left lunatics continue to compare those that dare to disagree with them to holocaust deniers?

Even more interesting is that the warming trend has naturally come to its completion, and now we are entering a natural cooling trend.  Will they shift gears, and begin claiming that global cooling is now the fault of human activity?

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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