Thursday, November 12, 2015

European Muslim Migrants Rape and Spit

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Infiltration is an effective strategy of war.  Infiltration enables an invading force to bypass enemy front-line defenses, so that the invader may destroy the opponent from within.  Infiltration uses deception and uses the honorable traits of the target citizens against themselves.  Infiltration destabilizes and confuses the target population, softening their defenses as the infiltrators strengthen their attack with supporting forces and heavier methods of attack.

Infiltration is then followed by internal struggles among the people of the target nation, but before they are willing to identify the attacking enemy, the system has been overwhelmed, and there is no retreat or defensive measure available any longer.  The infiltrators then attack from all directions, flanking their target, and ultimately forcing the enemy to succumb to the conquest.

In Islam, infiltration has a name.  It is Hijrah: Jihad by Emigration.

The Muslim refugees entering Europe are the infiltrators, weakening and overwhelming the native systems.  Once the Muslim population feels they are on the road to domination, the attacks against citizens become more brazen, and apparent.  But, the Muslims do not worry about being noticed, for by the time they begin using terror tactics, it means that they believe it is too late in the process for their target to stop them, and reverse the infiltration.

In Sweden, one of the terror tactics now being used is rape.  As has become the norm in Middle Eastern countries, in Sweden a woman can be raped, but cannot protest the rape if the rapists are Muslims.

Sexual violence is spreading rapidly through Sweden.  Sweden is the rape capital of the West.  Statistics suggest 1 in every 4 Swedish women are raped.  Yet, the Islamic "migrants" continue to pour into the country.

In the case of a recent rape, Muslims not only raped a woman, but she was raped by two different men.  The rapists spat the victim in the face after the rape.  In Islam, rape is the fault of the victim.  The two rapists are from Algeria and Syria.

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