Tuesday, November 10, 2015

FBI Emailgate Investigation Intensifying?

by JASmius

That's what some diehard optimists are wishfully thinking.  The FBI itself ain't sayin':

Even as Hillary Clinton tries to put questions about her private email server behind her, the FBI has stepped up inquiries into the security of the former [Commissar] of State’s home-made email system, and how aides communicated over email,  Politico has learned.

The FBI’s recent moves suggest that its inquiry could have evolved from the preliminary fact-finding stage that the agency launches when it receives a credible referral, according to former FBI and DOJ officials inteviewed by Politico.

“This sounds to me like it’s more than a preliminary inquiry; it sounds like a full-blown investigation,” said Tom Fuentes, former assistant director of the FBI. “When you have this amount of resources going into it …. I think it’s at the investigative level.”

Apparently, if ex-Assistant Director Fuentes is to be believed, the FBI investigation is proceeding on parallel tracks.  One being the wiped server(s) it(them)self(ves) - call that the obstruction of justice track - and the other being the mounting mountain of classified and top secret information that was routed through clintonemail.com for the whole world to see in flagrant violation of the Federal Records Act and 18 USC 793 and 18 USC 1924.

One thing is for sure, says Captain Ed: If there are any criminal prosecutions that arise from this FBI investigation, Hillary Clinton's will be among them:

If the server was used to transmit and store classified data, the onus for that is on the person who set up the system and had her staff use it. It would be impossible to go after, say, Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan for transmitting classified information through an unauthorized e-mail system without going after the woman who made it necessary by refusing to use a State Department e-mail account....

Some media outlets want to keep saying that Hillary isn’t a “target” of the investigation (a statement of fact which is at the very least out of date, and is altogether unconfirmable now), but there is no other outcome here except charges against all, or charges against none.  [emphases added]

Which is precisely why the Emailgate investigation will quietly conclude with no charges being brought and no criminal prosecutions and everybody involved being cleared and exonerated of any and all suspicions, just like the Obama DOJ/FBI corruptly did on IRSgate.  That'll be Mrs. Clinton's "October surprise," I'm guessing.

But in the meantime, enjoy the forlorn hope while it lasts, ex-Assistant Director Fuentes.

Exit question: "[I]f all of this exposure of classified material doesn’t result in prosecution, one would have to wonder who can get prosecuted for violations of 18 USC 793 and 18 USC 1924 in the future."  That's an easy, one, Ed: George W. Bush.  Or some other Republican patsy.  I'm sure they can find one somewhere.

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