Sunday, November 15, 2015

France Bombs ISIS in Response to Paris Attacks

By Douglas V. Gibbs

French President Francois Hollande was informed of the Paris attacks while he was at the stadium near where the bombs were going off.  He was enjoying a soccer match between Germany and France.  Shortly afterward, the stadium was evacuated.  In a statement, Hollande said that the attacks were an act of war against France.  In retaliation, France used 10 fighter jets to drop 20 bombs on an Islamic State jihadi training camp in Syria.  

While president Francois Hollande vowed to crush the extremist group who massacred 129 people on Friday night, his little pinprick reminded me more of Obama's operations in the area.  It is as if they want to look tough, but they are unwilling to wage war as necessary to win it.

The warplanes were launched from an airbase in the United Arab Emirates.

Hollande called the Paris attacks a 'cowardly act of war carried out by ISIS barbarians', and that France "will be merciless toward the barbarians of Islamic State group", and "will act by all means anywhere, inside or outside the country".

Twenty bombs seems pretty merciless, right?

My question is, what is France doing about its no-go zones?  The enemy is within.  They should be taking care of business within.

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France drops 20 bombs on Islamic State jihadi training camp in revenge for Paris shootings - U.K. Mirror

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