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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Houston Voters Throw "Transgenders" Out Of Their Public Restrooms

by JASmius

Even ten years ago, if Dr. Who had showed up in my front yard, stepped out of the Tardus, showed me that picture and told me this would be an actual ballot measure a decade in the future, I would have....well, replied with something like, "Ten?  Naw.  Twenty I'll buy.  Thirty, guaranteed.  But not ten."

Twenty years ago I'd have called the men in the white coats and butterfly nets.  Thirty years ago I would have exclaimed, "What the hell is 'transgender'?"  Also, "Who's Dr. Who?"

Blessedly, and not totally surprisingly, Houston Proposition #1 went down like the Hindenberg:

A yearlong battle over [homosexual] and transgender rights that turned into a costly, ugly war of words between this city’s lesbian mayor and social conservatives ended Tuesday as voters easily repealed an anti-discrimination ordinance that had attracted attention from the White House, sports figures and Hollywood celebrities.

The City Council passed the measure in May, but it was in limbo after opponents succeeded, following a lengthy court fight, in putting the matter to a referendum. The measure failed by a vote of 61% to 39%.

If you're wondering how the same municipal electorate that made a lesbo extremist its mayor resoundingly rejected one of the prime hideous products of that horrible mistake, join the club.  I'm hoping it's because they have, perhaps, learned their lesson.  We'll see when Annise Parker (aka the Gaystapo apparatchik who presumed to seize veto power over the sermons of Christian pastors) runs for re-election.

Supporters said the ordinance was similar to those approved in two hundred other cities and prohibited bias in housing, employment, city contracting and business services for fifteen protected classes, including race, age, sexual orientation and gender identity.

You know what our parents used to tell us: "If everybody else was jumping off a bridge into the wrong bathroom, does that mean you have to follow them?"  Makes me wonder how many of those two hundred other cities put their "anti-bias" ordinances up to a public vote - and what the results would have been if they had.

Opponents said the measure would allow men claiming to be women to enter women’s bathrooms and inflict harm, and that simple message — “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms” — was plastered on signs and emphasized in television and radio ads, turning the debate from one about equal rights to one about protecting women and girls from sexual predators.

Because it was never about "equal rights," but special rights for deviants and malcontents that diminish the rights of everybody else.  That's what this whole miserable, debauched, perverted process has been about at its core for decades.  It's simply gotten so far out of hand and descended to such hellish depths of depravity that a simple message - "No Men In Women's Bathrooms" - couldn't help but powerfully resonate.  Indeed, no further messaging was necessary.  That's the virtue of standing on righteousness.  It's the other side that has to lie and obfuscate and smear in order to win.  Houston Proposition #1 is the proof.

And, right on schedule, here came the fear:

The response from the city’s lesbian mayor, AnniseParker, and her supporters has been the predictable fear mongering. They’re threatening opponents with visions of the city being unable to host the Super Bowl or losing other commerce if Houston is branded as being “intolerant.”

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about this, but aren't Parker and her fellow carpet-munchers themselves branding Houston as "intolerant" by such caterwauling?  It sounds to me like they're issuing an engraved invitation for the rest of the country to do precisely that.  Encouraging it, even.

It's all shrieking nonsense, of course.  And if not, well, I can't see the Super Bowl taking all that big a financial hit from the loss of its booming transgender business.

But more to the point, who gives a flying f**k what the "progressive" community thinks?  About anything?  Why do only their views and their values matter in the national conversation?  What about We the People?  Why shouldn't our views and values be ascendant for a change?  Or forever?

I keep hearing from Tea Partiers that this country is still conservative, that the "Silent Majority" is still out there, that this is "still America".  Insistences for which there has been scant evidence over the past decade.  But maybe, perhaps, possibly, Houston Proposition #1 is that lone green grass blade, poking up through the gray, ash-choked cultural devastation, heralding a long overdue revival of common sense and even religious identity.

More likely it will be ground back down underfoot via yet another court challenge.  But we can always hope.

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