Sunday, November 15, 2015

How Is Obama Going to "Eliminate" ISIS Without Fighting Them?

by JASmius

Sorry, didn't mean to put the whole post into the cover pic, but I couldn't resist it.

But let's not kid ourselves; he's just profusely grateful that Friday's mass ISIS strike massacred 128 innocent, defenseless civilians in Paris and not Manhattan.  Since it happened overseas and not here, he still has ample stalling/dithering room:

Barack Obama vowed on Sunday to step up efforts to eliminate the Islamic State in Syria....

But not Iraq?  Interesting omission, that.

....and prevent it from carrying out attacks like those in Paris....

Which can't be done without reinserting and deploying massive American military power.  Which means he's totally bluffing until this latest jihadist attack blows over.  Again.

....while European leaders urged Russia to focus its military efforts on the [Islamic Fundamental]sts.

Yes, let's use the Russians as cannon fodder to do our land fighting for us, just like we did in World War II against the Nazis.  Because the Cold War was SUCH a wonderful result of it.

Speaking at a G20 leaders summit in Turkey, Obama described the killings in Paris claimed by the Islamic State as an attack on the civilised world and said the United States would work with France to hunt down those responsible. [emphases added]

And do what to them?  Read them their Miranda rights (or the French equivalent) and put them on trial in a civilian courtroom with CAIR running interference for them, condemning the very trial itself as a flagrant exercise in "Islamophobia"?  Yeah, I'm sure their black boots are quaking.  Note also the lawfare/criminal justice "manhunt" focus of The One's comments.  But this wasn't a conventional criminal act; this was an(other) act of war by enemy infiltrators who do not, in fact, need to be hunted anywhere, because everybody knows where the Islamic State is located.  Just reinvade Iraq and, in concert with the Russians, crush ISIS between their forces and ours.  Done and done.

But no.  Because the attack didn't take place on our soil and slaughter Americans, Red Barry is content to let the French lead and follow along in their white-flag-waving wake.  Not unlike the bombing assault on Libya four years ago, actually.  And we all know how THAT turned out - its latest consequence is only forty-eight hours old.

Apparently O and Vlad had a six-second meeting at the G-20 summit that was described thusly:

Obama and Putin - whose previous meetings have been marked by stony-faced body language - grasped hands and exchanged words, inaudible to reporters, before joining a family photo at the summit of the Group of 20 top economies.

The formality appeared cordial if brief, with Obama clapping Putin twice on the arm and the Russian strongman nodding in assent before moving on to take his place for the photo in the Turkish Mediterranean resort of Antalya. [emphasis added]

If I may translate: "Obama bowed and said, "Yes, massah," as he received his next set of orders from the Russian strongman."

Exit question: Would it not also be accurate to refer to Obama as "the American weakman"?

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