Sunday, November 22, 2015

Iranian War Games Simulate "Liberation" Of Jerusalem

by JASmius

Now that Barack Obama has given them their nukes, we can count on "trees" like this launching out of the Iranian "forest" without ever evoking a sound from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:

An Iranian paramilitary force controlled by the Revolutionary Guards held an exercise simulating the “liberation” of [the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which] has become the flashpoint of Muslim-Jewish violence.

It's never ceased being such a "flashpoint," actually.

Hundreds of Basij militia fighters took part in the exercise to capture the al-Aqsa mosque in the exercise from a “hypothetical enemy,” Iranian media reported. Planes and helicopters were involved in the operation, which took place outside the Shiite holy city of Qom. The exercise involved bombing targets before deploying troops. The reports didn’t mention Israel by name.

Do they really have to?

I wonder if this would come before, after, or concurrent with Iranian forces overrunning and conquering Jordan, invading from Iraqi bases, which would have to have been cleared if Islamic State forces to be established, which the Russians will most likely accomplish for them,  I also wonder how they don't figure an Israeli preemptive attack into this equation.

No, actually, I don't; because I take for granted that the mullahs already possess nuclear weapons, and if they didn't, their friends the Russians do

Ah, what an idyllic Middle East "garden of civilization" Obamunist "smart power" hath wrought.

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