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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jeb Bush On Syrian "Refugees": "Send 'Em All Here"

 by JASmius

That's what I take “The answer to this … is not to ban people from coming” to mean.  I'm not sure what he thinks "the answer to this" is instead.  If the question is, "How do we keep from deliberately importing more jihadists into the United States?", then banning them from coming would accomplish the task quite effectively.  Evidently, as on illegal immigration, he just can't break himself of his "act of love" obsession.  Or, in this case, "hunk of burning love".

Once again, Jeb! says what he really believes, which is really, really stupid, and once again, his campaign has to chase him down and walk it, and him, back.

Jeb aide clarifies on Syria refugees: "he wouldn't 'ban' them, but if there's concern about screening we shdn't allow any in. and there is."

That's not a clarification, it's a contradiction.  "Not allowing any in" IS "banning them".  Something even the next Senate Democrat Leader, Chucky Schumer, is at least considering, BTW.  But not Jeb Bush, no siree.

It's rather like having to change a baby's diaper several times a day.  Is it possible that Bush III has early-stage Altzheimer's and his campaign is keeping it a secret?:

David Harsanyi sums it up beautifully:

So I see Jeb is being Jeb today. Takes an unpopular position only to walk it back so both sides can be annoyed.

It's his greatest - and only - political talent.

UPDATE: In other 2016 news, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has dropped out of the GOP nomination race.  And like every other tree that falls in the forest with nobody around, he made no sound.

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