Monday, November 16, 2015

Liberal Left Muslim Immigration Hypocrisy at a Glance

By Douglas V. Gibbs

We know that the liberal left contradicts itself, and is often hypocritical, but sometimes it borders on ridiculous.

Here we go:

Notice, after the terrorist attacks in Paris, the leaders of the world got together to proclaim they were going to step up their anti-terror efforts.  Notice that at the end of the sentence in the image above that is trying to catch your attention so that you'll read the article, it reads that the "Global leaders vow to boost...and strengthen border security in Europe."  Why?  Because strong border security will protect them from terrorist attacks, they are assuming.  Note, Barack Obama is in the picture, and he is not exactly in favor of strengthening border security in the U.S. (and remember, they are shipping "Muslim Migrants" into the United States by the hundreds of thousands).

Next picture. . .

This one says that governors of States cannot "legally reject Syrian refugees."  The message is that the States must obey the federal government (which is false, the federal government does not have the authority to force States to accept anyone as per the Constitution.  Congress can make law prohibiting certain immigrants from entering the country, Article I, Section 9, but they have no authority to force States to comply with their unconstitutional immigration decisions, actions, and refusal to follow immigration law that is on the books. . . especially when these actions are acted upon without Congress).  However, here's the ticker in this image.  See at the bottom there?  At the left end of the list of stories, the story about forcing States to receive Syrian refugees is right next to the story about how the global community is going to protect Europe from Islamic terrorism by strengthening their border security.  The message?  Don't protect the U.S. Borders from terrorism, but we must do so in Europe.  Then, at the far right, a piece that criticizes Ben Carson about saying there should be no Muslim refugees allowed into the United States (and includes a quote by Obama about saying that targeting Muslims as not acceptable is giving a "religious test", and that's not American - Carson countered with "ideological test" recommendation) is right next to a story commending Hollande's decision for border reform in France (the border part is in the latter part of the story, they talk about the need to fight ISIS in the Middle East, first).

And these idiots don't think we notice the hypocrisy.


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