Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Man Who Is Worshpped By CNBC & Can't Handle Putin Wonders How Republicans Will Handle Putin If They Can’t Handle CNBC

by JASmius

Let me ask one question before I pass the baton to Allahpundit: Does this look like Republican presidential candidates can't handle CNBC?:

I think CNBC got their asses kicked for channeling their misbegotten MSNBC brethren, personally.  Just as I think that The One has retreated further into his impenetrable ego bubble in his ongoing attempts to inflict it on us all on top of the bleak reality he's inflicted on us already.

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Dean L said...

Wait, is what president Spin Doctor has to stay in any way still relevant? The only people still listening to him were never going to consider voting for a Republican. Ever. He's gone so far left that he's made himself irrelevant to the next election cycle.

Oh, and his solution to handling Putin, or Iran, or Syria or China has been to knuckle under.

So when you see the comments he makes, it's now acceptable to just laugh openly. You won't be booted out of the country for heresy like it was 2009.