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Friday, November 13, 2015

Muslim Terrorist Attacks, Paris

By Douglas V. Gibbs

"They are cutting down the world, one by one."

The death toll is at 158 dead.  200 injured, 80 seriously.  A total of five attackers have been killed.  The remaining terrorists are being sought in a manhunt.  It is believed that at least twelve were involved in the various attacks in Paris, France.

Following a massive migration of Islamic "refugees" into Europe, and an American promise to let hundreds of thousands of Muslim "migrants" into the United States, with massive carnage, Islam has escalated their war against The West.  The free nations of The West have welcomed the enemy into their countries, and this is the consequence of that decision.  This also follows an increase of violence by Muslims in Israel, against the Jewish population.

Explosions and deadly shootings have erupted across Paris, France.  Attacks at 7 separate Paris locations.  A mandatory curfew in place, first time since 1944, during World War II.  Various restaurants were attacked with gunfire as people dined.  Bombs were going off.  Gunfire could be heard constantly.  It was a scene of warfare.

A suicide bomber exploded at a bar outside a Stadium where a soccer game was being played.  The stadium was evacuated immediately.  The bombing at the bar was one of two suicide bombings reported.  Around the city there were also various attacks with gunfire.

Shootings at a local shopping mall have also been reported.  Multiple people reported injured, as carnage emerges in other parts of the city.  Forum Des Halles, a very popular shopping location in Paris.

It is believed that about 100 hostages were killed at the Bataclan concert hall.  The concert goers were very young, there to see a heavy metal band.  They were being executed one by one by Muslim terrorists.  This, after a series of other coordinated attacks in Paris.  France has closed the borders, and is in a state of emergency (martial law).  Five explosions near the concert hall was another report that emerged from the scene.  The explosions heard may have been from grenades being thrown into the crowd.

As the hostages in the concert hall were being killed, authorities stormed the facility.  Some people remained alive, but the police did not know how many, and knew that they would be killed whether or not the police tried to take back the concert hall.  One was arrested.  The suspect claims to be from ISIS.  "I am Syrian, and this is an ISIS operation."  Two other suspects were killed.  12 hostages were reported to have been rescued as a result of the raid by police.

France is currently under Martial Law: The Central Government has taken complete control of France.  The military can enter dwellings as necessary, and without notice.  The military now controls the streets.  Authorities say they must take this tactic because they do not know if there are more terrorists ready to attack.  Developing...

The idiot leftist leaders are at fault, for not taking Islamic terrorism seriously.  The problem is not a few radicals.  The problem is Islam.  The problem is the Muslim population.  The blood is on the hands of the politicians that welcomed the enemy into their countries.

BREAKING: PARIS UNDER SIEGE: Death toll in Paris terror attacks climbs to at least 35, with 100 reported held hostage at concert hall

WHITE HOUSE REACTS: Obama condemns ‘heartbreaking’ Paris attacks, vows ‘terrorists’ will face justic


JASmius said...

I haven't seen any reports yet on whether the French military is armed. That story is also developing.

JASmius said...

Hey, the French police weren't prior to the Charlie Hebdo massacre; why would their military counterparts be any different? The entire country is a "soft" target, after all.

JASmius said...

Death toll up to 140.