Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Number Of Cubans Fleeing The Castros By Sea Hits Two-Decade High

by JASmius

Barack Obama may have gotten into the Cuban "workers' paradise," but it sure looks like the Cuban people still want to get out:

The number of Cubans stopped at sea while attempting to get to the United States reached the highest level last fiscal year than at any time since the 1994 rafter crisis, the Sun Sentinel reports.

According to just-released figures, the U.S. Coast Guard stopped 2,924 Cubans who were attempting to enter the United States in the fiscal year that ended September 30th. October, which is the first month of fiscal 2016, saw [a larger] monthly number, 433, than any in fiscal 2015.

But it's more than just Cubans wanting to escape the communist dungeon that is their island nation; they're also fleeing while they still can because Obama may no longer let them in on the other side of the Florida Strait:

Cubans may be fearing America's new relationship with Cuba could be bringing its longstanding policy of allowing any Cuban who arrives in the United States to obtain legal residency – even if they enter illegally – to an end.

Admittedly, that would contradict the "principles" of Obamnesty, which call for importing the entire population of Latin America into the United States.  But let us not forget that in O's mind, there are "good" Hispanics and "bad" Hispanics.  The former are the invading hordes that will collapse what's left of our economy and welfare system and vote robotically Democrat; the latter are people like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and Susanna Martinez and rank & file Cubans who would do anything - even save their own lives - to make the Castro brothers look bad - and by extension, Obama as well.

My prediction?  The One will order a naval blockade of Cuba, not to keep the Russians and ChiComms and our other enemies out, but to keep the enslaved Cuban people in.

I can't wait to see cruise missiles vaporizing dingys like the one pictured above, can you?

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