Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Obama Autistically Sucking Up To Putin

by JASmius

I guess now we know what orders Vlad was giving to Barry the other day in Turkey:

Barack Obama on Wednesday praised Russia's role in talks to end the Syria crisis and offered the prospect of better ties if Moscow focused military strikes on the Islamic State group.

Obama said Russia had been a "constructive partner in Vienna in trying to create a political transition," referring to international talks in Austria.

Um...what?  What "talks in Vienna"?  And what Russian role in them, "constructive" or otherwise?  The entire dynamic in Syria - which Obama created by punting the Assad question to Putin two years ago - has been the Russian military occupation of the country and Putin's unequivocal declaration that Assad isn't going anywhere.  That's been the entire flaccid bone of contention between O and Vlad for the past two months.  And now the former is making kissy-face to the latter?  For what possible reason?

Answer: Because Putin isn't being a "constructive partner" in anything and The One is prostrating himself to both get what he wants from Vlad on Assad (which he never will) and to get the Russians to do the fighting for him against ISIS that he desperately doesn't want to do himself:

But, he said, there were still differences over the fate of Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad, and Moscow's current military focus on defending him.

"There is obviously a catch, which is Moscow is still interested in keeping Assad in power," Obama said.

But he added: "Those differences have not prevented us at looking at how could we set up a cease fire."

Sure, he's looking at it; but Putin isn't until such time as all opposition to Assad is destroyed, and then he will dictate the terms of any "political settlement".  Which was and is the whole point.

Obama also expressed hope that Russia may shift the military focus from defending Assad to attacking the Islamic State group.

That's the same focus, dumbass.  Just as this is not Putin saluting you.

And guess what, Barry?  After ISIS was destroyed, the Russian army would still be between you and Assad, you can't talk Putin into changing his mind about keeping him in power in Damascus, and you won't fight the Russians to get rid of him.

And just think, ladies and gentlemen: President Putin-Pole-Smoker still thinks he's got the upper hand.  Because he's narcissistically incapable of thinking any other way.

We are in so much danger.  I seriously question whether our country will even make it to January 20th, 2017 at this rate of explosive foreign policy dissolution.

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