Monday, November 23, 2015

Obama Regime Blatantly Covered Up How ISIS Was Kicking Their Asses

by JASmius

Nothing new and almost obligatory if he was going to keep this fraud going for the (God willing) last two and a half years of his misrule.  You can't pretend to fight a war you're not actually fighting and actually produce victories on the ground; sooner or later it would get out that the Islamic State was unaffected by our supposed martial efforts and continuing to expand unchecked, unfettered, and unopposed.  And that would be....awkward.

So Obama lied.  And he forced the entire U.S. national security apparatus to become flagrant liars as well:

Intelligence analysts at U.S. Central Command were told in emails to hold back reports showing the true strength of the Islamic State (ISIS), Fox News reports.

Fox quoted a source close to CENTCOM as saying the emails contained the lines "cut it out" and "toe the line."

Barack Obama had been describing ISIS as a "JV squad" and was painting a picture that it was being defeated. Instead, the group continued to gain more territory for its hard-line caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

A Pentagon official told Fox News someone attempted to destroy the emails, which are now in the hands of the Pentagon inspector general. The IG probe was initiated following complaints that information had been changed to make it look like ISIS had been weakened more than it actually had been.

So the White House ordered the Obamagon and U.S. intelligence agencies to cover up his ISIS fraud, and then they ordered the Obamagon and U.S. intelligence agencies to cover up the cover-up.  And now it's blown up in his face - wait, strike that, it's blown up in Francois Hollande's face, but O could feel the heat all the way over here.  But the heat is not enough for the American people to finally rise up and either force an actual war against ISIS or force him out of power altogether, and so The One will continue ride his pro-jihad foreign policy straight into the next skyscraper, secure in the knowledge that none of the flaming jet fuel will singe him and that however many thousands or tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands or millions of Americans have to be sacrificed to the fight against "Islamophobia," they will not have been slaughtered in vain.

But have no fear, ladies and gentlemen, O has already vowed to (I swear I'm not making this up) "get to the bottom" of his own cover-up cover-up.

The worst part of this story, though, is that even the military and intelligence poobahs who didn't succumb to this totalitarian reality-hijacking still don't get the truth about Islam:

"I think this issue of not meeting a narrative out of the White House, which meant, don't talk about radical Islam, don't talk about this as being a form of a radicalization of the Islamic religion, which, if fact, it is," [former DIA director General Michael] Flynn said. "It is a cancer inside the Islamic religion, and the White House and the president, frankly, has not wanted to say that." [emphases added]

No, Director/General, "radical Islam" (pardon the redundancy) is not a "cancer inside the Islamic religion," it IS the Islamic religion.  Global Islam is 10% violent jihadists and 90% jihad sympathizers, but they are ALL jihadists of one function or another.  Flynn's crippling misconception is essentially the Bush43 middle-ground stance, which contributed mightily to his not getting the job done in the Middle East by leaving Iran and Syria unliberated as well as trying to take the Wilsonian "freedom is the desire of every human heart" democracy shortcut instead of the all-out war to crush Islam once and for all (akin to how Germany was de-Nazified and Japan was demilitarized after the West wiped out both in World War II).  Ironically, that is the one and only path to the kind of apostasization of Islam that the Left demands we delude ourselves into believing is the reality on the ground today.

One is the narrow path to civilizational survival; the other, the road to cultural and physical destruction.  But, to borrow an Agent K line from Men In Black that excruciatingly fits Obama Middle East foreign policy in general and ISIS in particular, "The only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they do....not....KNOW ABOUT IT!"

Until we're messily slaughtered, that is.

Then we won't know anything at all.

And that suits Barack Obama just fine.

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