Friday, November 20, 2015

Obama Reveals Muslim Leanings

By Douglas V. Gibbs

People that have been calling Barack Obama a Muslim have been called crackpots, racists, conspiracy theorists, and crazy.  The President claims he's a Christian.  His actions say otherwise.

Mere moments after President Barack Obama taunted and mocked Republicans for their position against importing Muslim refugees from Syria, accusing the GOP of being afraid of children and widows, a female suicide bomber exploded in Paris.  Does he really believe we believe the lie that the migrants are nothing more than women and children?  As with the illegal immigration from Mexico, the vast majority of the peaceful newcomers are men in their twenties primed and ready for jihad.

Islam calls it "hijrah."  Immigration by jihad.  The claim that these people are "peaceful moderate Muslims" is not something Americans by and large believe, anymore.  If a person is a follower of Muhammad, and the Koran, they participate in jihad.  That does not mean they all are putting on bomb vests.  Some participate through lying to benefit Islam, some participate by having as many babies in a non-Muslim host country as possible, some commit jihad by moving into enemy territory with the family and then using the welfare system to be a part of overwhelming the system.  There are many kinds of jihad, and a good Muslim participates in at least one part of jihad, and then cheers when the violent jihadists kill the infidel.

In Turkey, during a soccer match, when the announcer called for a moment of silence, the crowd responded in a different manner.  The peaceful, loving Muslims all rejected the moment of silence, and then began chanting, "Allahu akbar".

Remember, Obama says Turkey is our ally.

America's history is filled with great people who, in the face of the enemy, turned against the enemy, fought the enemy, and persevered against the enemy.

President Barack Obama, in the face of the enemy, has turned against Americans, insulting Americans, mocking Americans, fighting Americans, and hopes to persevere against Americans.

And through it all, Islam believes their actions are in the will of Allah.  They are emboldened by the ease in which their attacks have been committed, and the congratulatory speaches by their ally in the White House.  Islam is winning, Muslims believe, and Allah has endorsed their actions.  They know so, because there is no military might coming against them.  They have been emboldened by people like Obama to attack again, and again, and again, until the chaos is so great that the infidel cries out for them to stop, and then they will slay the infidel upon the spot in which he stands.

That is jihad.

So, either Obama is very stupid and can't see that jihadists are mixed into the refugees coming into the United States, and he can't see the danger of making friends with Islam, or he is not stupid, and truly does have Muslim leanings.

Of course, he calls himself Christian.  That's another technique of jihad.  Taqiyya.  Jihad through lying for the advancement of Islam.

Pamela Geller said it best. "In the wake of the Paris jihad massacre, French President Hollande declared, “It’s an act of war.” President Obama, on the other hand, declared war on the American People.
-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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