Saturday, November 21, 2015

Obama: "We'll Welcome Millions Of Jihadists From Around The World"

by JASmius

Last Thursday he said that ISIS was "contained"; the next day, ISIS mowed down hundreds of Parisians, killing 129 of them.  Two days ago, John Kerry said that al Qaeda had been "neutralized"; the next day, al Qaeda stormed a luxury hotel in the capital of Mali, murdering eighteen people including an American.

Today Barack Obama said that there is no risk or threat from "Syrian refugees," and that he will welcome in "millions (of Muslims) from around the world"

I'd be heading to the fallout shelters by the end of the day if I were you:

Pushing back against efforts to bar Syrian refugees from resettling in the U.S., Barack Obama vowed Saturday that his country will be a welcoming place for millions fleeing [and inflicting] violence around the world "as long as I'm president."

Well, now, I guess the solution is theoretically simple after all, isn't it?

Brushing off refugee worries at home, Obama crouched alongside migrant children on Saturday and declared they are the opposite of terrorists wreaking havoc from Paris to Mali.

Strawman alert!  Strawman alert!

Working to put a human face on the refugee crisis, he said, "They're just like our kids."

Other than being taught to hate non-Muslims, of course.  Or has he forgotten about how ten-year-old boys in the Islamic State are taught to decapitate infidels and play soccer with severed infidel heads?  Besides, it's not the kids that we have to worry about today, but the young Muslim men that make up the bulk of these "refugees" in which it is effortless to insert jihadist operatives like the four thousand that ISIS has already deployed to Europe.  And remember, they were "kids" once too not so long ago.

The refugees Obama encountered at a school for poor children in Malaysia were not from Syria, and unlike the flood of Syrians meeting steep resistance in the U.S., these migrants had already been cleared to resettle in America.

So they weren't even authentic propaganda props.  Although I'm presuming they were still Muslims, which means the potential for savagery is there, just waiting to be cultivated via ISIS's twitter feeds and the mosques O refuses to close..

Still, Obama said their faces could have been those of kids from Syria, Iraq and other war-torn regions whose pursuit of a life free from violence led them far from their native homes.

A life far from there native homes where they can inflict future violence, he means.

"They were indistinguishable from any child in America," Obama said. "The notion that somehow we would be fearful of them — that our politics would somehow lead us to turn our sights away from their plight — is not representative of the best of who we are."

You mean dead?  Because, culturally and literally, that's what we'll be if we pull a Merkel and import millions (more) Muslims into this country.

The contrast of the American weakman with the rest of the non-Muslim world couldn't be more canyonesque:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday global cooperation was needed to confront terrorism in the wake of an Islamic militant attack targeting foreigners in a luxury hotel in Mali that killed nineteen people.

Friday's assault on the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako came a week after [jihadist]s killed 130 people in a spate of gun and bomb attacks in Paris claimed by [the] Islamic State. France on Friday extended a state of emergency until February as police pursued raids and investigations, with over 250 people detained.

[Red] Chinese President Xi Jinping condemned the "cruel and savage" attack, whose dead included three Chinese executives of a state-run railway firm.

Putin sent a telegram of condolences to Keita and said "the widest international cooperation" was needed to confront global terrorism, according to a statement by the Kremlin.

Not only are Putin and Xi and Hollonde reacting rationally to the latest Global Jihad offensive, but Putin is seizing the "multilateralist" mantle from Barack Obama's trophy case, right alongside the French leader.  While they build a "grand coalition" (which they need because they, unlike the U.S., can't defeat ISIS individually - and which, of course, Barack Obama couldn't do a year ago or since) to actually crush this devilspawn enemy of The One's own creation, he sneeringly, mendatiously, and dementedly does his militant Chip Diller impression.

For an American president, especially in his role as commander-in-chief, prudence requires caution, and discretion really is the better part of valor.  Cutting off the influx of "Syrian refugees" is the absolute minimum that can be done to enhance U.S. domestic security and safeguard American civilian lives.  And Barack Hussein Obama will not do even that much, but is instead throwing open the spigot like a firehose, seeking to drown us in an alien, predatory culture whose true character and nature has again been revealed by the actions of its products the past two Fridays.

Again I say it: I've never thought Barack Obama is an actual closet Muslim because I've never been able to see him taking a demotion beneath another "god".  Harboring pro-Islamic sympathies, yes, but not an actual Muslim himself.  Even that stance is getting borderline impossible to maintain.

But if you think it's getting insane and ugly now, wait until after the inevitable ISIS 9/11 (or worse).  I don't even want to speculate about that aftermath.  I just pray we can survive it.

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