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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Obama's Road To War With Russia

by JASmius

Remember President "Lead From Behind"'s "grand coalition" for pretending to fight ISIS that was WAY BETTER than the "phony" alliance George W. Bush assembled that was four times bigger and remained loyal and committed four times longer?  They're heading for the exits in order to genuinely fight the Islamic State elsewhere:

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have shifted most of their aircraft to their fight against Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. Jordan, reacting to the grisly execution of one of its pilots by the Islamic State, and in a show of solidarity with the Saudis, has also diverted combat flights to Yemen. Jets from Bahrain last struck targets in Syria in February, coalition officials said. Qatar is flying patrols over Syria, but its role has been modest.

“They’ve all been busy doing other things, Yemen being the primary draw,” Lieutenant-General Charles Q. Brown Jr., who leads the air war from a $60 million command center at this sprawling base in Qatar, said of the Arab allies. He added that those allies still fly periodic missions in Syria and allow American jets to use their bases…

The United Arab Emirates last carried out strikes in Syria in March; Jordan in August; and Saudi Arabia in September, according to information provided by allied officials last week.

Why remain committed to an alliance that isn't just not committed to winning, but is actively committed to NOT winning?  That is only "fighting" for the press cameras to create propaganda for the evening news with no substance or reality behind the ersatz facade?  Especially when these "Arab allies" are facing real threats on all sides, thanks to the Obama Doctrine of American retreat having unleashed the jihadist whirlwind across the Middle East.

Having lost its fig leaves, the Regime is at least remaining consistent about not even considering taking the lead, much less going it alone, against a jihadist group that they're steadily building into an Islamic superpower:

“If we find additional groups that are willing to fight ISIS and are capable and motivated, we’ll do more. The president has indicated a willingness to do more, I certainly am prepared to recommend he do more, but you need to have capable local forces; that’s the key to sustainable victory.”

No, the key to victory of any kind is the deployment of overwhelming American military force to squash these bloodthirsty neanderthals once and for all like the Bush Administration did its al Qaeda In Iraq predecessor eight years ago.  That's the "more" The One would have to "do".  Anybody think that's happening any time soon?

But neither is he dropping all pretense of "denigrating" and "dicing" ISIS, or whatever horsecrap terms starting with "D" he originally used, which means the Russians are continuing to genuinely fight the Islamic State while we pretend to do so in the same country, over the same territory, in the same airspace, with no communication or coordination.  That is an international incident just waiting, begging to happen, and all because Vladimir Putin won't "evolve" on forcing out Bashar al-Assad and "political solutions" to Red Barry's satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the Russians continue to increase their "military footprint":

On Thursday, a Russian general said his military has dispatched “anti-aircraft rocket systems” to Syria because “we took into account every possible threat.” The units deployed include Buk anti-aircraft missile systems, the same kind of weapon that brought down a Malaysia Airlines 777 over eastern Ukraine in July 2014, killing all 298 on board.

I'm quite sure this state-of-the-art anti-aircraft system is more than capable of mowing down whole squadrons of forty-plus year old, obsolete, decrepit F-15C Eagle air-inferiority fighters like the one we're sending to Turkey.  Well, if we still HAD squadrons of them, anyway.

I can't wait to see what concessions Obama will offer up after he finishes strutting and blundering into a shooting war with the Russians that Ronald Reagan managed to avoid while still winning the Cold War.  I guess we'll see how creatively capitulatory he and Lurch can really get.

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