Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Message Loud and Clear, Except to Democrats

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The massive series of terror attacks in Paris, an event some are calling "France's 9/11," occurred mere moments after U.S. President Barack Obama declared that ISIS is contained.  The narrative by the liberal left progressive socialist Democrats has been from day 1 that the Muslims are our friends, to be critical of Islam is Islamophobic, and that thanks to the Democrats giving Islam the benefit of the doubt and understanding their plight terrorism will soon be a thing of the past.  The Democrats are seeking desperately to protect that narrative, even as Paris burns.

How many times have we heard President Barack Obama declare that we are not at war with Islam?  Like it or not, it doesn't matter what Obama thinks.  As far as Islam is concerned, they are at war with us.  And Paris is only the beginning.  Conservatives have been saying for years that more attacks are coming.  9/11 wasn't the end of it, and neither will be Paris.

The goal of Islam is global domination.  Jihad is fought in numerous ways, but it seems to only be when violence erupts that the leadership in the West takes notice.  The explosions and gunfire in Paris, the carnage and death, is a direct result of the appeasement policies of the West.  Hijrah, jihad by emigration, has increased the number of Muslims in Europe, and the United States is currently trying to speed up the allowance of Islamic "migrants" into the U.S.  The only word one can find for the policy is insanity.  Welcoming Muslims into the United States in hordes is akin to us allowing hordes of Nazis into our country during World War II.  And don't be deceived.  We are at war.  Our side just hasn't figured it out, yet.

Obama's White House is scrambling to come up with ways to protect their narrative.  I am expecting them to blame Paris on Bush, or the Republicans in Congress.  They will do anything they can to derail the truth, to deny the truth, to ignore the truth.

The truth is, Paris was an act of war, just as 9/11 was, and just as the stabbings in Israel have been.  Islam is at war with the world, and the world refuses to admit it.

Refusing to strike back, and strike decisively, emboldens Islam, for if we refuse to fight back, if jihad remains to be something easy to wage, they will continue to believe it is Allah's will that they continue to wage jihad, and they will believe it is in Allah's will for them to escalate jihad.  Only by hitting them, and hitting them hard, will they believe it is against Allah's will, and then and only then will they shrink into the corners of the desert until they believe it is time to strike again.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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