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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Should House Republicans Open Separate Emailgate Probe?

by JASmius

Apparently this is yet another question that has split not just the majority caucus, but even the House Freedom Caucus as well, right down the middle:

House Republicans face a sticky political dilemma with Hillary Clinton — should they launch a separate probe of the Democrat presidential [candidate]'s use of a private email server and whether it violated national security, or just let the Justice Department, which is already investigating, do its job? [emphasis added]

You can see where I'm headed with this already.

Politico reports that GOP lawmakers are divided on the issue, with a "simmering" internal debate playing out with no resolution in sight.

Before Republican House Speaker John Boehner resigned...., he had prevented House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz and others from firing up an email probe.

His concern: "Muddying the waters around the ongoing Benghazi Committee probe," Politico says. But since Boehner's adieu, the GOP landscape on Capitol Hill has changed, with some Republicans ready for a full-fledged House investigation.

They include Representative Jim Jordan, the Ohio-4 Republican, who told the political news website: "I just think it needs to happen . . . We already know [Mrs. Clinton] messed up."

But others, like Representative Mark Meadows, the North Carolina-11 Republican, beg to differ.

Meadows told Politico's Rachael Bade: "I think the general opinion is that we defer to the FBI because they have an investigation."

Meadows - the pussy - and others on that side of the dispute are probably also quailing at the polling numbers on the question, which are less than favorable, even though that was largely the result of Kevin McCarthy's stepping on that media rake of unnecessarily pointing out that Emailgate is hurting the Empress's chances of returning to the White House.

I'm with Jordan on this one - launch the separate Emailgate probe and take it to the hilt.  Why?  For two simple, basic reasons:

1) It's what the Democrats would do if the positions were switched; and....

2) How did leaving the investigating to the Obama DOJ/FBI turn out on IRSgate?  Do Mark Meadows and friends really want to rely upon the enemy to inspect its own chicken coop, only to have them close down the investigation with the same whitewash sometime next September when the Ugly Dutchess (assuming lighting strikes and she's the Dem nominee) will most need it?

This shouldn't require two seconds to decide.  In the words of Rocky Balboa to Clubber Lang.....

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