Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Show Me" Racist Fascism

by JASmius

Meet the newest wholly-owned Black Klan subsidiary of #BlackLivesMatter, #ConcernedStudent1950, which has taken over the University of Missouri without having to fire a shot - though I have no doubt they will be firing shots anyway at anybody with a epidural pigmentation deficiency.

See if, in the following quote, you can find any actual provocation or tangible cause for grievance that justifies this storm-trooper-esque insurrectionary uprising:

The University of Missouri's president announced he would step down on Monday after protests over his handling of [BLM-fueled] racial tensions on campus rocked the school. The high-profile resignation is the latest shock to the State of Missouri, and the United States at large, which has been roiled for the past year or so by racial tensions after police shot and killed [in self-defense] an unarmed black teenager [who was trying to murder a white cop with his own sidearm] in the State.

The university's black football players had refused to practice or play until President Tim Wolfe stepped down, and some teachers and students had threatened to walk out of class.

The teachers, no doubt, as hostages.

"I take full responsibility for this frustration and I take full responsibility for the inaction that has occurred," an emotional Wolfe said in a televised news conference held to announce his resignation.

"My decision to resign comes out of love, not hate," he added, as he quoted passages from the Bible. "Please, please use this resignation to heal, not to hate."

No, Tim, your decision to buckle to the racist mob comes out of fear for your life and the lives of your family, the threat to both now having been enhanced by your capitulatory actions.  Because as we all should have learned by now, no tentacle of the extreme Left is EVER satisfied, and they won't be finished with Tim Wolfe until he and his loved ones are swinging at the end of tree limb-attached ropes.

The football team, known as the Tigers, suspended practice on Saturday and Sunday, and more than third black players had vowed not to return until Wolfe was fired or resigned.

In addition to the team's action, student Jonathan Butler held a weeklong hunger strike.

"It should not have taken for me to put my life on the line to get to this place," Butler told CNN after getting news of Wolfe's resignation.

Imagine of Wolfe had called this punk's bluff and let him starve to death.  Which Butler wouldn't have, because he would have quit and had a cheeseburger instead.

This is as close as we're ever going to get to a "why," and it is wholly inadequate:

Protests on campus have been led by a group called ConcernedStudent1950, which says black students have endured racial slurs and believes white students benefit from favoritism in many aspects of campus life.

What racial slurs?  Got any specifics, CS1950?  I'd have thought each one would have made national headlines in this crazed environment.  There is, of course, no shortage of white racial slurs hurled by blacks, but I'm guessing those aren't the ones to which you're referring.

It is, in other words, a built-in ideological assumption.  Just as their "belief" that white students somehow "benefit" from "favoritism".  How do you define that, CS1950?  What does that mean?  Brown v. Board of Education was sixty years ago.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 a decade after that.  Rosa Parks is dead, and the last three-quarters of her life she got to ride anyplace on the damn bus she wanted to, and rightfully so.  Segregation ceased to exist decades ago.  There are no separate drinking fountains, separate lunch counters, separate anything.  Everybody has an equal opportunity to attend the University of Missouri and become anything they want to be.  And the school is run by cringing white Democrat slaves, for chrissakes, who will bend over backwards to tilt the proverbial playing field outrageously against white students and "favoritistically" towards any minority group that bellows and threatens loudly enough.  #ConcernedStudent1950, in short, already has had every demand it could ever dream up already preemptively met.

And it's still not enough.  Indeed, their imagined slights are making them even angrier, "provoking" them to show off their more Sturmabteilung tendencies:

Yes, it is terrifying that the State legislature had to reaffirm that public spaces operated by public universities are governed by the First Amendment, but you’re about to see why they felt the need. Here’s the tweet from the protest group that started it:

We ask for no media in the parameters so the place where people live, fellowship, & sleep can be protected from twisted insincere narratives

— ConcernedStudent1950 (@CS_1950) November 10, 2015

Local reporters politely declined the offer to stay away given that (a) this is a national news story and (b) when something is happening in public, the media has the same right to be there and document it as anyone else does. What we had here, in other words, was a clash of old-fashioned free-speech values and the newfangled “safe space” fascism of the vanguard of the campus left. Guess who won. Watch to the very end or else you’ll miss the most ominous parts — first when the protesters decide to “walk” the photographer away from the demonstrations by surrounding him and shoving him backward and second when a middle-aged woman in glasses literally calls for “muscle” to help remove the cameraman who’s been documenting all of this.

That woman, by the way? A professor of mass media.

And this was just one example of many....

Unbelievable how many times @comissourian reporters and photographers were shoved and verbally abused during protests.

Not unbelievable at all, Reed.  This is the other end of the campus unrest of the 1960s, where unwittingly communized youngsters challenged the "establishment," graduated, went forth to eventually become the "establishment," and spawned ensuing generations incubated in that ideological pestilence that would rise to become their captors, unchecked and unchained in their rampaging fascism, seeing any who dissent from their radical orthodoxy as being enemies to be crushed and wiped out rather than open minded opponents with whom to open up diplomatic "dialogues".

"Free speech for MY speech," in other words, "and you WILL shut the [bleep] up - or else".

And this is the authoritarian maelstrom from which Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) declared yesterday that "good things will come":

Democrat Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill predicted "good things" will come of student protests at her alma mater, the University of Missouri, where black members of the football team have gone on strike in support of better treatment of minority students.

"I want to say how proud I am of the young people on the campus who have decided they are going to make a stand," McCaskill said Monday on CNN's New Day.

"I'm proud of our football team, frankly. If you remember, this is the same football team that Michael Sam came from, one of the first athletes that went through the NFL draft as openly gay."

Anybody want to bet McCaskill has had her security detail beefed up lately?  And that if there were still a House UnAmerican Activities list, the Democrat Party would be at the top of it?:

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