Wednesday, November 18, 2015


By Allan McNew

If past performance is any indication, President Obama's "rigorous vetting process" concerning people purported to be "Syrian refugees" will more likely than not consist of whether or not the prospective "immigrant" can fog a mirror, a fast tracked open door.

So, I have taken action on the basis that all politics is local: I contacted each and every one of my legislative representatives from the municipal, county, state, and federal levels to inform them that they need to contact all levels above them clear to Congress and Obama himself that we do not want those people to come to our localities. Obama has bloviated nearly non stop about a 60 nation coalition opposing terrorism and those coalition nations referred to within the region, who know much better than we just who is who, who is what, and who is from where, need to step up and take them in - not us. I informed them there are many comprehensive reasons to not bring them in, it would take a long time to discuss them all so I'm cutting it short so as to not lose the point in a forest of reasons.

As I said, I contacted everyone from local to federal with the message and here is a general example from my discussion with my representative on my County Board of Supervisors:

The county government, individually and as a body, needs to contact every State Assemblyman and every State Senator having districts within the county that we don't want those people to be settled in our communities, the issue needs to be brought up in the legislature and that the legislators - as individuals and collectively as a legislative body - need to lodge protest with Governor Jerry Brown, who has bought into Obama's bill of goods. Further, as individuals and collectively as a legislative body, they need to contact Senators Feinstein and Boxer and Congressmen having districts within the county as well as the President himself.

The idea is that all levels of government get a grass roots barrage concerning the issue, with the added pressure of a sustained cannonade from the most local of governments through the most national of governments, hitting Obama and Congress from all directions like a swarm of killer bees. Plus, it adds bulk to the normal chain of political petition, it is less likely to get lost or dismissed in Congressional politicians' offices.

Otherwise, it is likely that Congress will dither and have the usual unproductive food fights over whether the negotiating table is round or square, Obama and Josh Earnest will bloviate about widows, orphans, and evil Republicans, with the result being that "Syrian refugees" will be surreptitiously placed in local communities without the locals knowing "who", "when" or "where".

Go light some fires under local politicians to be involved in national problems having local consequences.

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