Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Senator California Deserves

by JASmius

State attorney-generaless Kamala Harris is what Barack Obama was before the "operation".  Unfortunately for her and him, "gender reassignment" doesn't adjust attitides:

The California Attorney General — who has close ties to Barack Obama [natch] — remains the prohibitive favorite to win the Democrat nomination to succeed retiring Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and win election to the Senate, but the problems are leading to calls for additional changes.

Critics point to Harris’s own personality as the reason for some of the problems.

Here we go.

“She’s perceived as very, very difficult to work for,” one strategist familiar with the campaign told the Hill. “She doesn’t have real relationships and partnerships. She has acquaintances.”....

She's a bitch.

“Here she is, she’s running for Senate, as an African-American woman, she should be raising gobs of money,” the source said. “The fact that she’s raising one and a half to two million a quarter, is absurd.

And how can that be?  Because she won't hold her hand out, she won't schmooze, she won't troll fundraisers, she won't pass the tin cup.  She expects it all to be handed to her by divine right, Obama donors and bundlers to instinctively bow down to her as they have The One for all these years.  That they're not is, I admit, an at least moderate miracle, seeing as she's the synthesis of Barack Obama AND Hillary Clinton.

“She expects fundraisers who helped Obama to help her…She gets upset when donors don’t flock to her, it drives her crazy that she actually has to meet and talk with people,” the source added.

On second thought, maybe that does explain it.

I'd throw in a slam on California having the same dopey open primary system that Washington does, but given that the Republican Party is essentially dead in that State, it probably doesn't matter.

So here's your choice to replace the national embarrassment of Senator "Don't Call Me M'am," Acupulco Golden Staters: Kamala Harris (aka Barack Obama in drag) or Loretta Brixie (her maiden name was Sanchez), the woman who destroyed Bob Dornan's congressional career.  Talk about a triangle of doom.

I mean, at least up here, we'll be able to actually put up a Pachyderm to get ritualistically butchered by Peppermint Patty.....

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