Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Trump Advisor: "We Need Big Government"

by JASmius

This is the guy that Hairboy wants to make his Treasury Secretary, folks.  Tell me he doesn't look like a disinterred Foster Brooks, and sound like pretty much every Democrat and RINO SecTres....well, pretty much ever:

Republicans calling for smaller government are misguided and the United States needs a fiscal intervention....

i.e. Piss away another trillion worthless dollars in another "stimulus" bill.  From which he and Trump would doubtless handsomely profit. adviser to 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump, said at the Reuters Global Investment Outlook Summit in New York on Wednesday.

Carl Icahn, the billionaire [extrem]ist investor, who said he talks to Trump once every week or two, said rather than shrink the government as Republican candidates have pledged to do, the next president should focus on economic growth.

Which can only result from....shrinking the government.  Which is to say, reducing the amount of GDP that government confiscates in the form of taxation, absorbs from capital markets in the form of borrowing, or drains from the currency in value in the form of debt monetization, the latter of which has been the principle source of Obama's gargantuan gushers of debt over the past seven years, masking the true economic depression over that time beneath a mammoth bubble of funny money - from which people like Trump and Icahn have handsomely profited.

"I hate it when they say we should have limited government," he said. "The government could get involved to incentivize businesses."

Mercantilism.  Picking winners and losers.  "Incentivizing" with government subsidies.  Because that's been SO bleeping successful over the past seven years.

Icahn said the U.S.'s number one priority should be to get American corporations to repatriate their cash and pay an 8% or 10% tax [on it]. That revenue could be used to help fix some of the country's crumbling infrastructure.

Remember Trump's 14.25% confiscatory wealth tax?   Now you know where that depressionary, prosperity-crushing, job-destroying, cockamamie idea came from.  This would be more of the same.  It's straight out of the Obamunist/liberal/left/commie bastard handbook.  If we wanted more of this socialist insanity we could just elect Hillary Clinton and be done with it, because electing Donald Trump would be fully tantamount to the exact same thing.

"Forget comprehensive tax reform," he said. "It'll never pass."

Sure, it'll never pass with a POTUS and Treasury Secretary taking a big, steaming dump on it instead of running in part on that very plank, getting elected on it, gaining a mandate for it, and then using the presidential bully pulpit to push for it.  Even with the latter it might still not pass, but progress on tax code simplification could certainly be made.

But not with that attitude.

Or Donald Trump in the White House.

C'mon, wake up, Trumplicans.  That stubborn crick in your necks will finally go away once you pull your heads out of your asses.

The air will be a lot fresher, too.

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