Monday, November 16, 2015

Trump: "I Have An Instinct For Terrorism"

by JASmius

Textbook-typical Trump: Narcissistic, attention-hogging, bombastic, unserious.  He doesn't need a counter-terrorism policy, because he's a precognitive soothsayer when it comes to Islamic asymmetric warfare.

Let me ask you, in all heart-attack seriousness, Trumplicans: Are you really, truly willing to entrust your safety and the lives of your loved ones to this grandstanding buffoon?:

As the hunt for the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris continue, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Monday that he is uniquely qualified to be commander-in-chief because he has an "instinct" for sensing threats.

"In my book I predicted terrorism. Because I can feel it," said Trump, speaking to thousands of supporters packed into Tennessee's Knoxville Convention Center. "I can feel it like I feel a good location."

Trump, the billionaire businessman and former reality television star, was referring to a passage in one of his books, The America We Deserve, in which he warned of the threat posed by terrorism and referenced Osama bin Laden as a "shadowy figure." The book was published in 2000, before the September 11th attacks, and Trump has taken to trumpeting the passage to prove that, despite his lack of foreign policy experience, he is qualified to be president.

That's it?  Everybody knew of the threat posed by jihadism prior to 9/11; we just didn't realize its magnitude and reach.  And the best Trump can claim is that he predicted 9/11 by referring to OBL as a "shadowy figure"?  That was already known at the time, although he couldn't have been too "shadowy" if the Clinton Regime had three separate opportunities to capture him but declined them all on "lawfare" grounds.  And even that wouldn't have averted the 9/11 operation, which was already in the works dating back to 1996.

I'm more concerned with what a President Trump would do when that proverbial 3AM phone call comes in than the prophetic content of his dreams.

As to actual policy strategy, he's still dropping S-bombs in conjunction with bombing ISIS oil fields, and waxing bombastic about creating "a big, beautiful safe zone" in Syria as the basis for a real estate joke ("Take a big swatch of land, which believe me, you get for the right price.").  Of course, there aren't any "safe zones" in Syria and they can only be created by wiping out ISIS as well as the Assad regime in Damascus AND driving the Russians and Iranians out of the country, and polls this week show Americans still obstinately and irrationally opposed to re-invading Iraq even as they purport to demand actual resistance to the Islamic State.  So clearly Trump hasn't thought his ravings through, but is selling pie in the sky without mentioning how expensive it'll be, or that his target audience already isn't buying those ingredients.

As I say, textbook-typical Trump.

I will give him credit for broaching the necessity of closing mosques around the country that are day-glo obvious jihadist cell headquarters, arms depots, and recruitment centers.  But he'd never be able to follow through on it until after an ISIS nuclear strike, and maybe not even then, a reality that I'm sure Trumplicans also aren't considering.

I don't know about them, but I would prefer a victorious "war on terror" to an "entertaining" one.

Exit question: Does this mean that Trump would put on Johnny Carson's old Carnac The Magnificent costume for counter-terror pressers?

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