Monday, November 30, 2015

WaPo Smears Pro-Life Community With Blame For Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shootings

by JASmius

Nah; the planet would run out of water first.

I see that Captain Ed has a question, prompted by this Washington Post lede:

To many abortion rights [extremist]s, it seemed only a matter of time before something like this happened.

Ever since the summer, when a[ pro-life] group accused Planned Parenthood of illegally selling fetal tissue, threats against the organization had escalated to unprecedented levels, abortion providers say. They stepped up collaboration with the FBI and local police and stiffened security at clinics. But on Friday, their worst fears came true: A man walked into a health center in Colorado Springs and opened fire.

Police have not yet identified a clear motive for the shooting …

Mr. Morrissey asks....:

So let’s get this straight. When a lunatic shoots up a Family Research Council office, it has nothing to do with its political opposition. When an abortionist runs loose because public officials are too intimidated to enforce the laws that do exist, it has nothing to do with political support for abortion. But when a lunatic shoots up an abort[uary], it’s the fault of millions of Americans who oppose abortion, and who argue peacefully for limits on the practice and better oversight of those who operate in the industry?

Even when “police have not yet identified a clear motive for the shooting”?

Yep, Ed, that's correct.

The lede is even more nonsensical than it is despicable, as the last sentence completely negates the three that preceded it.  But the WaPo had to get its ball-shot in at its enemies - aka us.  Something that's much easier to do once they dispense with the always-was fiction that they're "objective" and not hardcore partisan leftwingnuts.

"Shame on them," Ed?  That's weak tea.  I prefer a more direct admonition....

UPDATE: And you, too, Planned Parenthood (an organization whose business is industrial assembly line mass murder, and whose responsible, rational restraint lasted an amazing seventy-two hours) and Colorado Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper....

....who is simply a stuttering clusterfark.

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