Sunday, December 06, 2015

Actual WaPo Headline: "Gun Crimes Plunge Over Last Two Decades Despite Increase In Gun Sales"

by JASmius

This is the retarded, blind-guide, delusional, 2+2=5, refuse-to-learn mentality we're up against, my friends.

Is it really this difficult to connect dot A to dot B?:

Despite the spike in mass shootings in recent years, gun crime in America is actually decreasing overall, a Washington Post story notes, listing some of the reasons.

How about because there has NOT been a "spike" in mass shootings in recent years, but rather a spike in the mega-hyping of the dwindling number of them that DO happen to make it look like the number is increasing when it's actually declining?

The Post cites a Pew Research Center study showing seven deaths by firearm for every hundred thousand Americans in 1993, but by 2013, that rate had been cut to 3.6 per hundred thousand.

And the rate for people involved in gun crimes that did not result in death fell even more — from 725 per hundred thousand in 1993 to only 175 in 2013.

And the reasons cited by the WaPo for something they just can't understand because it runs counter to yet another leftwingnut Narrative?:

• More police on the streets.
• Police use of computers to pinpoint areas where more patrols are needed.
• Decreased alcohol use.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by quoting the final two.  But I will point out the reason they dare not quote without making their heads explode like the victims of the telekinetic killer in Scanners.

More law-abiding Americans are armed than ever before.

And the fewer "soft" targets there are in this country, the fewer mass shootings there will continue to be.


Welcome to the "reality based community".

Now, WaPo, how about we start discussing Muslim-control.....

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