Saturday, December 12, 2015

American Freedom Alliance's Avi Davis Fighting for His Life

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Avi Davis, president of the American Freedom Alliance, is in the UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital fighting for his life.  He was riding his bicycle near his home in Los Angeles when, while riding, he suffered a major coronary.  He is currently in the hospital, in an induced coma, as the doctors seek to find the answers regarding the seriousness of his heart event.  Currently, the prognosis is unclear.

Avis is a healthy individual who takes pride in eating right, and maintaining a strict exercise regiment.  And, as Trevor Loudon put it, "Avi is physically as tough as nails and extremely strong-willed."

Prayers and support are requested, he needs all that he can get.  I pray not only for him to pull through, but our love and support is calling for a full and quick recovery.  God Bless you, Avi, for all you do, your efforts to protect and restore our Republic, and your caring attention you have always given your family and friends.

As an added note, for those who may not know how I am affiliated with Avi, he and I met during the Spring of 2015, and he was so taken by my Constitutional prowess that he has been a key part of the reason the American Freedom Alliance has shown interest in making me a fellow, and why in September of 2015 they approved me as the new director of the Center for the Study of the U.S. Constitution.  Avi has shown faith in me, and I am returning that faith, praying that the Lord sees fit to allow Avi to continue his work here on Earth before calling him to be with him in Heaven.


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