Wednesday, December 09, 2015


By Allan McNew.

The President's hectoring speech was as hollow as his repetitious claim of having a 65 nation coalition to fight ISIS and populated with all sorts of straw men. His “war” on ISIS has all the fundamental mistakes (and many more) that LBJ and McNamara made in Vietnam, and his treacherous dealing with our middle east allies far exceeds Jimmy Carter's disastrous approach – many resulting in problems we are still dealing with today, such as the fall of the Shah of Iran resulting in Persian Shiite theocracy in Tehran. Further addressing terrorism globally and domestically seems to be, in the President's mind, an irritating triviality constantly forcing itself on his agenda no matter how many times he explains it away as well as pretends that it has gone away.

It greatly offended me that the most animate part of his speech was about discrimination against Muslims, which doesn't seem to have been a systemic problem. Over the course of his terms in office, the President acts as though the United States is packed full of maliciously oppressive people wearing white sheets and pointy hats, while he himself is divisive and, along with Eric Holder and Al Sharpton, is directly responsible for Ferguson and Baltimore being burned and looted through their race baiting rhetoric and errant Justice Department involvement.

It was incongruous that even before the bodies in San Bernardino were cold and the facts were known, the President called for gun control and called for it again in his lecture. It is obvious that terrorist access to firearms and explosives won't be controlled by putting more laws on the books. On the other hand, we have always had nuts and the mentally ill among us but mass single event shootings like Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Colorado Springs abortion clinic and the Denver theater massacre before the 1990's were exceedingly rare, the 1966 University of Texas Austin shootings perhaps the most notable. Gun control is all about chasing the symptom rather than the cause. To address the cause we have to ask the question, “what has changed in our society that has given nuts and the mentally ill permission to do such things?” - and act on that.

International terrorist causes, domestic nut and insanity irruptions are apples and oranges and places like Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Los Angeles present a third violence problem where the concepts of intact nuclear families and decent jobs might work where gun control hasn't, but that pretty much relies on reversal of the progressive – socialist 50 year defacto war on the family.

The president has spent the last 7 years lying to us, spinning important facts, acting outside of the Constitution and becoming (and therefore painting the nation as) an international laughingstock, and I could spend hours on his domestic misadventures.

I was so roiled by the President's arrogant, insulting lecture that the next day I bought a National Rifle Association membership and contributed to their political fund just to spite Baghdad Barry and his progressive – socialist agenda, and then called all my elected Capital Hill representatives and Baghdad Barry's office office to express my feelings concerning all of the above.

I can't wait for the the 2016 elections.

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